Xavier Martinez Named Interim City Manager

by Reporter / Jan 23, 2019 / 0 comments

Xavier Martinez Named Interim City Manager

The Española City Council voted to Tuesday to affirm Community Services Director Xavier Martinez as interim city manager.

Mayor Javier Sanchez pointed out that Martinez manages the second largest department in the city,

“He has the most interaction and interconnectedness with all of the departments,” Sanchez said. “His ability to build relationships, command respect and understand the differing protocols among departments makes him a solid choice to navigate the role of interim city manager.”

Martinez has more than 100 credit hours toward a degree and received supervisory training while serving in the military.

“His educational training and equivalent job experience qualify him for this demanding position while we seek to fill this position permanently,” Sanchez said.

According to Sanchez, Martinez will oversee the day-to-day operations of the city, guide all directors and staff and formulate and implement changes to strengthen the city’s processes and integrity.

“Javier Martinez demonstrates a keen ability to get projects done and to communicate and get along with others motivates him to improve the well-being of the citizens of Española,” Sanchez said. “His propensity for doing what is right will guide him to make important decisions that the city needs.”

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