Weekly Fishing Report & More

by Staff Reporter / Sep 13, 2017 / comments

Weekly Fishing Report & More

By George Morse Sports and Outdoors

There is much to appreciate along the roadsides of Northern New Mexico this time of year. Because we’ve had some good rainfall, there is an abundance of wild flowers blooming along the road. On a recent drive to Tres Piedras the roadside was filled with beautiful purple asters and colorful gaillardia, also known as blanket flowers. The chamisa is blooming and the combination of purples, reds and yellows make for a dazzling display along the roadside.

 ​Gaillardia and a few purple asters. Photo by George Morse for the Valley Daily Post

The aspen trees haven’t started to change color. The trees look well-foliated this year and once they start to turn gold later this month it should be a great time to be in the mountains admiring the fall foliage.

Purple asters. Photo by George Morse for the Valley Daily Post

Fishing Report
The fishing remains fair-to-good at many of the well-stocked small lakes throughout Northern New Mexico. Last week, Laguna del Campo near Los Ojos yielded an 18-inch rainbow trout. This lake is scheduled to be drained this fall so now is the time to fish it. There are some big fish in this little lake. It closes to fishing October 31.

Eagle Rock Lake
Eagle Rock Lake near Questa remains good and there were some big trout stocked in the nearby Red River below Questa. The Trout Lakes near Cebolla received a healthy stocking of over 1,400 rainbow trout and the fishing should be good there.


Fenton Lake
Fenton Lake has been good thanks to a recent stocking of nearly 2,300 rainbow trout. The nearby Rio Cebolla and the Jemez River also received stockings of rainbow trout.


Chama River below El Vado Dam
The Chama River below El Vado Dam remains good for rainbow and brown trout. This area receives stockings of rainbow trout practically every week. The fishing below Abiquiu Dam on the Chama remains slow due to a combination of heavy flows and muddy water. This is a great spot to fish later in the fall when the streamflow drops and the water clears a bit.


Heron Lake
The bank fishing for rainbow trout at Heron Lake was fair-to-good last week. The fishing in the upper Chama River should be getting better and later this fall is an excellent time to try the Chama River below Heron Dam for some big brown and rainbow trout.


Shuree Ponds on the Valle Vidal
There was a report of a 27-inch rainbow trout caught at the Shuree Ponds on the Valle Vidal. Most of the fishing at the Shuree Ponds is for recently-stocked big trout, but this fish appears to be a holdover. That’s good news because it means the water quality is good enough for fish to survive the winter.


Rio Grande
The Rio Grande is running at 281 cubic-feet-per second, which is an excellent level for fall fishing. There was an interesting twist to this week’s fishing report, which said there was fair fishing for catfish. I’m not sure what section of the river this applied to. It’s unusual to catch a catfish here in the northern

section of the Rio Grande. This may be a sign that the water in the Rio Grande is getting warmer.


Hopewell Lake
For some reason
the fishing this summer has been slow at Hopewell Lake near Tres Piedras. This lake has not fished well this year. Maybe later this fall the fishing will pick up here. It does have a population of wild brook trout which spawn in the fall.


Eagle Nest Lake
Eagle Nest Lake has been fishing well for rainbow trout, northern pike and perch. A nice overnight trip is to fish at Eagle Nest, then continue on and spend the night in Raton. The next day, you can fish nearby Lake Maloya, where the fishing has been good all summer. You can also drive over Wolf Creek Pass and fish Trinidad Lake or take a drive along the Highway of Legends for some stunning scenery. Monument Lake and North Lake along the Highway of Legends are good places to fish. North Lake is limited to artificial flies and lures. I once caught a tiger trout (a brook trout/brown trout hybrid) at North Lake.



Upper Rio Grande
If you have a Colorado fishing license, this is an excellent time to fish some of the productive lakes on the upper Rio Grande watershed and around Wolf Creek Pass for bigger-than-average brook trout and brown trout, as both spawn in the fall.


Rio de los Pinos
The drive over Cumbres Pass between Chama and Antonito, Colo. is beautiful and will just get better when the aspens turn golden. The Rio de los
Pinos near the border between Colorado and New Mexico should be excellent for fishing this fall.


Conejos River
The fall fly-fishing on the Conejos River in Colorado is excellent this time of year and the scenery along the Conejos River is absolutely stunning in late September. Platoro Reservoir near the town of Platoro has excellent fall fishing. You can catch splake trout here, which is a hybrid of a brook trout and a lake trout.



I know it's football season now, but do yourself a favor and pry yourself away from the television and spend some time outdoors. It’s a great time see the spectacular countryside of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Enjoy!