Weekly Fishing Report

by Staff Reporter / Dec 01, 2017 / comments

Weekly Fishing Report

By George Morse Sports and Outdoors

The weather remained unseasonably warm and dry last week. There are reports of changes in the weather for this coming week. Temperatures may drop to what would be normal for this time of year.

Abiquiu Lake Area
The fishing picked up at Abiquiu Lake last week and there were finally reports of trout being caught. This could be due to the recent stocking of fingerling rainbow trout. Larger predatory fish can be attracted to the area where these fish were stocked. There were reports of fish being caught from the dock, where the stocking likely took place. This will be worth trying until the schools of stocked trout start to disperse. Larger walleye will also be attracted to these schools of small trout.

The streamflow below Abiquiu Dam in the Chama River remains well above normal (2-3 times the average) for this time of year. It seems like the water managers are trying to send a lot of water downstream into Elephant Butte Reservoir, as streamflows further south in the Rio Grande are also running well above normal until you reach Elephant Butte, where they are not releasing any water at all.

The fishing below Abiquiu Dam will remain very slow and difficult as long as these heavy releases of water are being made.

Chama River
The fishing in the Chama River below El Vado Dam remains good, but even here streamflows are running well-above average. The best fishing on the Chama River is above El Vado Lake. You can reach this stretch of water by hiking down from Heron Dam. There is also a stretch of public water just south of the town of Chama that could be a good spot to try.

Heron Dam
The bank fishing for rainbow trout at Heron Dam continues to be good. I still expect anglers to start catching some lake trout from the bank at Heron. The kokanee salmon snagging is still slow and likely to remain so.

Rio Grande
The streamflow in the Rio Grande is also running well-above normal and the fishing there has slowed down, although some anglers report success using baits like salmon eggs.

Fenton Lake
The fishing at Fenton Lake has been very good recently, particularly for recently stocked rainbow trout. Anglers are catching trout on just about everything. The fishing is also good in the Jemez River.

They are catching some trout now at Navajo Lake. The bass fishing is just fair and the bass are likely starting to school up in deeper water for the winter.

San Juan River
Streamflows in the San Juan River below Navajo Dam are running a little below normal and creating excellent conditions on the Quality Waters below the Dam. The State Game and Fish Department will be doing improvements along certain areas of the San Juan this winter. Some day-use areas of the San Juan may be closed to the public during this time.

Pecos River
The Pecos River is running low and clear. The fishing has been good. Nearby Monastery Lake has also been very good and will likely remain so unless it starts to freeze over.

Lake Maloya
There was a report of a big brown trout caught at Lake Maloya near Raton. I have
often-wondered if there were brown trout in Lake Maloya and that report seems to confirm it. Brown trout are not stocked in Lake Maloya by the State Game and Fish Department, but there have been some private stockings of brown trout. There may be some very large brown trout in Lake Maloya. The fishing there has been good.

Eagle Nest Lake
The fishing at Eagle Nest Lake has been fair for rainbow trout. The northern pike fishing has slowed down and there were no reports on the perch fishing

Most of the stocking of rainbow trout this time of year takes place in Southern New Mexico. The fishing for stocked trout can be very good in the drainage canals in the Albuquerque area and at Tingley Beach in Albuquerque. You could spend a day fishing and then take in the River of Lights display in Albuquerque in the evening.

The Light Parade down Central Avenue in Los Alamos is this Saturday (12/2). The Española Electric Light Parade will be held the following week Dec. 9 on Paseo de Onate and the Plaza de Española.