Today is Election Day

by Staff Reporter / Jun 05, 2018 / 0 comments
Candidates and their volunteers are out in force at polling locations around the valley as they campaign with last minute voters heading into the polls. Valley Daily Post photo

Today is Election Day!

Today, June 5, 2018 is election day! The major political parties in New Mexico and seven other states are going to the polls today to select their nominees for the November general election. In certain races there are no general election challengers so today is the election that counts.

Polls are open until 7 p.m. tonight.

Here are few scenes from candidates and volunteers campaigning to voters are they pull into the Lucero Center voting location.

 Candidate Leo Jaramillo and a campaign volunteer for Michelle Martinez challenge each other to a dance-off on the sidewalk outside the Lucero Center polling location. Valley Daily Post photo

Campaign workers for Debbie Rodella wave to motorists as they pass by. Valley Daily Post photo

 More than a dozen campaigns are represented outside the Lucero Center on election day. Valley Daily Post photo

Statewide candidate and local legislator, Stephanie Garcia Richard visited with voters outside the Lucero Center on Sunday during the community's Espanola Matanza. Valley Daily Post photo

 Candidate Leo Jaramillo and volunteers show enthusiasm for passing motorists. Valley Daily Post photo