Easement Issues Halt Regional Water System Development


The Santa Fe County Commission wasn’t the first government entity to tackle the growing easement right of way issues plaguing Northern New Mexico, but they were the first to successfully pass a resolution to address the mounting tensions over County Road 84 easements. Read on for more about this highly contentious issue and meeting.

Pueblo of San Ildefonso Sued Over Road Dispute


This past December, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Pueblo of San Ildefonso issued a statement to Santa Fe County asserting that use of County Road 84, as well as side roads 84A, 84B, 84C, 84D and Sandy Way was in trespass. The roads in question offer access to more than 1000 non-Native residents of the communities of El Rancho and Jaconita and have existed for centuries to access private land claims within the San Ildefonso Pueblo Land Grant. Read on for more on this dispute.