Movie Review: Cinema Cindy Reviews Ben-Hur


Movie Review: Cinema Cindy Reviews Ben-Hur

By Cynthia Biddlecomb
“Ben-Hur”, a fifth re-make based on the 1880 novel, was released Friday, Aug. 19. Did it need to be remade? Perhaps not—attempts made in 2003 and 2010 bombed.
The best-selling novel was first made into a film in 1907 and again in 1925. Our favorite version came out in 1959 staring Charlton Heston, winning 11 Oscars. So why make a new one? Modern film technology can make a better…

Valley Daily Post Movie Review: Suicide Squad

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Cinema Cindy Reviews Suicide Squad By CYNTHIA BIDDLECOMB“Suicide Squad” is this late summer’s hit action flick, despite its poor reviews. It’s packed with super bad guys (coerced into helping the good guys), mostly derivative special effects and enough character development to not be a total waste of your time. Oh, and it is colorful, with special […]

Cinema Cindy Reviews ‘Batman v. Superman’


 “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” may have the best special effects and horrific violence the movie industry can create on screen, but I found myself yawning through it.

But most of the D.C. Comics details thrown into the film are not explained for the non-indoctrinated. More could have been done in the writing or the editing process to allow us plebes to better follow the storyline.

Movie Review: Cinema Cindy Reviews ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’


The Force Awakens” is, chronologically, the seventh volume in the Star Wars series. The much-hyped film opened Friday across the country. For true fans of the series, this chapter does not disappoint. It offers original Star Wars nostalgia, great humor, action sequences worthy of the genre, a new adorable droid, some new heroes and villains, and some old favorites.

Cinema Cindy Reviews ‘Mr. Holmes’


Cinema Cindy Reviews ‘Mr. Holmes’ By CYNTHIA BIDDLECOMB Los Alamos “Mr. Holmes” may have left the local theater, but he will live on in the hearts of those who saw this film. We know Sherlock Holmes stories enough to know he is one who values reason, logic and true facts above all else. In this […]