Sopaipilla Factory Celebrates 10 Years Anniversary

by Staff Reporter / Nov 01, 2017 / comments
Entrance to the Sopaipilla Factory in Pojoaque. Valley Daily Post photo

Sopaipilla Factory Celebrates 10 Years Anniversary

A northern New Mexico favorite, the Sopaipilla Factory restaurant in Pojoaque is turning 10 years old this November.  Ten years ago, on Nov. 14, 2007, four partners who worked at Tomasitas restaurant in Santa Fe set out on their own to bring their vision for great food to the Pojoaque Valley and surrounding communities.

Felipe Garcia, co-owner sat down with the Valley Daily Post recently to tell the story of how he and three of his coworkers started the Sopaipilla Factory in a space formally used by an Italian restaurant in the middle of Pojoaque.

“Were working in Tomasitas. When a couple of us coworkers started talking about opening our own restaurant.” Felipe said. “We looked all over Santa Fe for the right location, but nothing really fit what we wanted. Then somebody told us that an Italian restaurant in Pojoaque was closing and looking for someone to take over their lease. We looked at the building and it was a great space. I also lived in Nambe, so knew the community and thought this area would work. We decided to try it and so we opened here.”

The menu, which originally focused on traditional New Mexico style dishes, has grown to include menu items from Mexico, such as the Tampiquena style rib eye steak, and traditional soups from Mexico in the winter. Members of the local Sikh community also embraced the SopaipillaFactory and actually helped the restaurant develop delicious vegetarian items. Today the menu has an entire page of vegetarian dishes that use calabacitas and/or tofu as a protein source.

 Sopaipilla Factory menu contains several options for people with a  variety of dietary needs and states. Courtesy photo

Felipe also explained that an original vision of the restaurant was to cook dishes in a homemade fashion, using small batches to ensure they are fresh and taste their best.

This is a model they still follow.

Over the ten years, two of the original partners left to try other ideas leaving Felipe Garcia and Wilfredo Najera as the owners/operators of this special restaurant. Felipe runs the front and Wilfredo manages the kitchen.

Today, the Sopaipilla Factory is a popular restaurant, serving customers all around the world and surrounding communities.

Locals and tourists now frequent the Sopaipilla Factory to get their distinctive and fresh taste of New Mexico. Felipe also told us that the restaurant recently signed a new 5-year lease with the Pueblo of Pojoaque, ensuring they will continue to be with us for years to come.

Many customers and neighbors take advantage of the "Little Free Library" right outside the entrance to the restaurant. Take or leave a book!. Valley Daily Post photo

The restaurant has a liquor license, allowing diners to enjoy their favorite drink with dinner and during November to celebrate their ten years, the Sopaipilla Factory will be offering a “Happy Hour Special” from 3-6 every day. The restaurant is open 11-9 Monday thru Saturday, and 9:30-3:00 on Sundays.

Hungry customers flow in all day, with regulars coming from Espanola, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and of course, Pojoaque. Valley Daily Post photo

If you have the chance, stop by the Sopaipilla Factory soon to say hi to Felipe and the crew, and wish them a happy anniversary as you enjoy some of the best cooking available.