Release Of Women Asylum Seekers from Cibola Prison

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Release Of Women Asylum Seekers from Cibola Prison
Hosts Needed for 3-4 Day Stays

By Hannah Leigh Bull

The Santa Fe Faith Network for Immigrant Justice is now hosting women who were detained in the transgender ICE pod at the Cibola private prison near Grants, NM. They were released in a legal temporary asylum decision, pending the outcome of a parole hearing, which can take up to six months. They are released to a sponsor, who is often a family member. The hope is that the judge ultimately hearing the parole application will grant them asylum so that they can legally remain in the United States.   

Starting in December, more Spanish-speaking hosts will be needed for women released from Cibola for short stays of 3-4 days until transportation to their parole sponsor can be arranged. Most of the women being released are monolingual Spanish-speakers, so it is helpful if hosts have some facility with Spanish; however, we are requesting translators, so bilingual hosts aren't an absolute requirement. 

If you wish to assist, help is needed in these areas:
1) Host homes in or near Santa Fe where the person can stay for 3-4 days
2) Incoming drivers to pick the women up in Albuquerque
3) Outgoing drivers to take them to the airport when they leave, including accompanying them to the gate (clear instructions provided)
4) Spanish/English translators, as most of the women being released are monolingual Spanish-speakers, and most hosts are monolingual English-speakers
To volunteer for any of the above needs, please contact Sarah Grace at  and include your phone number in the email.

To provide financial assistance to cover costs of transportation, clothing, food, cell phones, and so on:

1) Write a check to Interfaith Leadership Alliance.  
2) In the check's memo field, write FNIJ/Cibola.
3) Mail the check to
    c/o 564 Valle Chamisos Lane
    Santa Fe, NM 87505

Thank you for the compassion and caring you give to these women and to all your work for justice.

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