Pets Of The Week

by Staff Reporter / Jun 29, 2017 / comments

Pets Of The Week

Each week the Valley Daily Post features pets that are ready for adoption.  

Take a look at Thumbelina, Miguel and then drop by the shelter to see the whole selection.


Thumbelina is an extraordinaire cuddler at 8wks old. She loves to be around her people. Thumbelina also enjoys gentle pets and will lean into toward you with soft purrs and a yawn. She has being raised in a foster home because she was so young. So she has be around other cats and dogs too. Thumbelina is a well rounded kind of gal.


Miguel came in at a young age, so he went into foster care until he was old enough and more socialized for his forever home. He is 8wks old and ready to scout out of a new home. This sweetheart will capture your heart and home. He just wants to be part of a loving family. Other cats or a gentle dog is a plus. Any sun-filled nooks and crannies for Miguel would be great.

There is 1 unwanted animal for every 2 households in Española. The Española Valley Humane Society performs over 5,000 spay and neuter surgeries each year.  Please help end pet overpopulation by donating at

If you have any questions please feel free to call (505)753-8662