New Mexico Rally’s For Health Care

by Staff Reporter / Jun 19, 2017 / comments
Are residents Stand outside the Española hospital and rally, supporting the Affordable Care Act and opposing Republican attempts to dismantle it. Courtesy image

New Mexico Rally’s For Health Care

Staff Report:

Saturday, New Mexicans rallied in Espanola and in 19 other counties at simultaneous events throughout the state to voice their concern over changes to the healthcare system that the “American Health Care Act “(aka Trumpcare) would bring if it becomes law.

Medical professionals and local elected officials and concerned citizens all came out, with many speaking about the GOP bill, lamenting what they called the secretive process of developing and debating the bill. The rallies were held this Saturday, in light of recent news that Senate Republicans will push a bill that has never seen the light of day by the end of the month.

 Dr. Tyler Taylor holds a sign at another Rally. LA Daily Post photo

Los Alamos physician, Dr. Tyler Taylor spoke to the crowd, saying, “It's extreme cowardice for the US Senate to not publicly debate what they want to do to our Healthcare System” and also talked about common myths about healthcare that are used to confuse the debate.

Participants at the rally voiced concern over losing their healthcare through the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which, as currently written would dismantle Medicaid expansion, remove protections for those with preexisting conditions, kick students off their parents' plans, and take away essential funding for rural health clinics. The Congressional Budget Office projections state that the bill would result in between 250,000 and 336,000 New Mexicans losing their healthcare coverage.

Elroy Miller spoke about the bill’s adverse effect on the healthcare system saying, “When you let cogs break in the machine you eventually have the entire machine breakdown.”