LowRider Day 2018

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By George Morse

Low Rider Day July 22, 2018

Espanola has been called “The LowRider Capital of the World” and July 22 at the Plaza Y Convento in the heart of Espanola the community recognized the cultural heritage that has made it famous. Taking vintage vehicles and turning them into works of art on four wheels, owners of these vehicles put in many hours of labor and a considerable amount of money to restore them to and even beyond their former glory.

Some have works of art painted on the hoods and trunks. Others are equipped with a hydraulic lifts that can make the cars “dance.” They can go up, go down, bounce all around, raise their left side, raise their right side and in some cases stand on their rear wheels. All have beautiful paint jobs, shiny chrome in the right spots and immaculate interiors. Even the engines shine like new.

The following photo gallery are just some of the unique vehicles that were on display at the 2018 LowRider Day.