Local College & High School Partnerships Showcase Tech Projects

by Staff Reporter / May 15, 2017 / 0 comments
NNMC student and mentee explain how a brain wave reading helmet works. Valley Daily Post photo

Local College & High School Partnerships Showcase Tech Projects

Staff Report

Area students that have an itch for science or technical careers had a chance to show their skills Thursday, May 11 at Northern New Mexico College’s STEM Collective project “Network Night”.

NNMC’s STEM Collective project establishes mentorships in math and science initiatives between local area high school students and NNMC science and engineering students.

Thursday’s “Network Night” was an opportunity for the mentors and mentees to showcase the projects they have been working on. The event was held in the rotunda of the college on Thursday evening, drawing dozens of mentors, students, family members and other interested community members.  STEM refers to those fields of education in science, technology, engineering or math.

On display were a number of interesting projects featuring anything from a helmet that used brainwaves to power a water faucet to robots programmed to joust with each other.

People who attended the Thursday evening event had the opportunity to ask mentors and mentees about their various projects. Here a student learns about a 3-D printer project. Valley Daily Post photo

Participants were able to handle and manipulate all of the materials on the displays themselves and spent time chatting with students about their projects.

See below for more images from the event.

Roger Montoya, with Moving Arts Espanola, is seen here wearing brainwave helmet, one of the projects on display. Montoya was practicing relaxing his brain and to turn on an electronically controlled water faucets. Valley Daily Post image

Here is the same brain wave reading helmet from above. Valley Daily Post photo

Some boys built robots to compete in a "Jousting Robots" competition. Here they watch as two of their robots face off. Valley Daily Post photo

The jousting robots struggle to knock each other's target can off. Valley Daily Post photo

NNMC College of Engineering & Technology students demonstrates some of the projects they work on. Valley Daily Post image

Students explain the use of microscopes and their research to attendees. Valley Daily Post image