JMEC Board Candidate Marcie Martinez: A Vision Of Ethics And Opportunity

by Staff Reporter / Jun 07, 2017 / comments

JMEC Board Candidate Marcie Martinez: A Vision Of Ethics And Opportunity

Editors Note: In the weeks leading up to the JMEC Board elections, the Valley Daily Post is inviting candidates to interview and share their vision and reasons for running. In this article we meet Marcie (Marcelina) Martinez, Candidate for Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees, District 6, Ward A 

Marcie Martinez sat down with the Valley Daily Post to talk about why she is running to serve on the Jemez Mountains Electric Coop (JMEC) Board.

When asked why she is running for the JMEC Board, Martinez said she was approached by a group of people who knew her background and thought she would be a good voice for District 6, which includes Santa Cruz, Nambe, Pojoaque and surrounding areas located in Santa Fe County.

Martinez said, “People asked me because I am not only capable of understanding policy, my experience as a quality engineer affords me the ability to ensure properly written requirements and strict adherence to policies.”

Martinez has lived most of her life in the area, but during her professional career has amassed an impressive resume of education and experience.

Martinez was born in Espanola, grew up in Chimayo and currently lives in Santa Cruz. She graduated from Espanola Valley High School, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from New Mexico State University and a Master’s degree in materials science from the Colorado School of Mines. A resume like this would seem to give her a solid foundation for understanding the infrastructure aspects of an electric utility.

After school she returned to the Valley and worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory for a total of 22 years. During her career at LANL Martinez held various positions including aqueous processing engineer at the plutonium facility, nuclear materials scientist, weapons test engineer, materials engineer with a focus on plastics, and, finally, weapons quality engineer. 

Outside work, Martinez became involved in property rights issues of northern New Mexico and became a property rights activist, amassing a wealth of knowledge in what she described as “challenging unlawful foreclosures.”

When asked what the priorities for the JMEC Board are, Martinez stressed her desire to see that the bylaws are modernized and enforced. She also would like the Board to implement term limits for members. Martinez also spoke about lost opportunities.

“We have a good general manager now, but in the past there have been lost opportunities,” said Martinez, adding “It breaks my heart the lost opportunities to improve our infrastructure and create new services for our members, such as when the Federal Government was offering money to coops for broadband. If I had been on the board I would have been shouting it from the rooftops”.

Martinez also stressed her lack of political experience, including that she has never run for any office before this election.

“I am a real novice when it comes to politics. But I feel the position of Trustee for JMEC should not be political I do feel it is time for new ideas and progression not only for JMEC but also across the board in all offices. I believe strongly in the ethical representation of the members of the Cooperative and in complete transparency” said Martinez.

Editors Note: Marcie Martinez has been an unpaid contributor to the Valley Daily Post, publishing a regular column titled “Natures Presence” since 2015.