Javier Sanchez Overwhelmingly Elected Española Mayor

by Staff Reporter / Mar 06, 2018 / comments

Javier Sanchez Overwhelmingly Elected Española  Mayor

The City Clerk of Española has released unofficial results for the 2018 municipal (city) elections. It appears voters overwhelmingly selected Javier E. Sanchez as the new Mayor for the City of Española, with Sanchez receiving 1118 votes or almost 54% in a three-candidate race.

City Council elections were much closer than the Mayor’s race. See below for preliminary results, and check back on Wednesday for a more in-depth story of election day 2018.

  • Adriana Ortiz 166
  • Robert J Seeds 787
  • Javier E. Sanchez 1118  WINNER
District 1
  • JR Trujillo 219
  • John L. Ricci 232    WINNER
District 2
  • John Ramon Vigil 310  WINNER
  • Tony J Valdez 238
District 3
  • Denise D. Benavidez 266 (unopposed)  WINNER
District 4
  • Testing Justin J. Salazar-Torrez 374   WINNER
  • Anthony J. Vandervossen 303



Screen capture of city unofficial results