Invitation to Breathe Workshop This Saturday

by Staff Reporter / Sep 06, 2017 / comments

Invitation to Breathe Workshop This Saturday

Submitted by Dr. Herbert Beatty

It is interesting that most people are far more concerned about their breath than their breathing. Thus, the sales of mouth rinses and oral care products amount to a several billion-dollar industry. And yet, our actual breathing and the vital capacity of our respiratory system have far more to do with our health and quality of life than our breath. Actual breathing should be of more concern for obvious reasons.

Shallow breathing is a norm in our society. There are said to be 300 million alveoli in the human lungs, each charged with the duty of exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide – a waste product. Shallow breathing means we are only using a small amount of our potential capacity.  Use or lose comes to mind.

I have had the benefit of meeting the “Master” at promoting the value of breath work-Gurubachan Sing Khalsa. His impactful workshops called BREATHE are informative and provide invaluable exercises to enhance the participants understanding of and focus on breathing into all those 300 million alveoli. The workshops are combined with special music in a conducive learning space, and are led in a commitment to learning resulting from Gurubachan’s lifetime of practice. I have observed these seminars to be a quantum leap in understanding and benefits to the participants.

When people are stressed in their lives we often say “You need to take a breather.” I have rarely experienced a more beneficial workshop to remove stress than the BREATHE event led by Gurubachan Sing Khalsa.

Take a breather and attend a BREATHE event.

The annual BREATHE event in Espanola will be held at 2:00pm on Saturday Sept. 9, at El Museo Convento on the Espanola City Plaza. Espanola will be the inaugurating city in a 36 city world tour. 

Participants will learn 3 simple breathing meditations to help drop your fear, build vitality and manage stress and emotions. This full music and breathing program will leave you refreshed, invigorated and very relaxed. 

Admission and dinner are free. Any donations received will benefit 100% the Food for Kids NM Foundation that distributes food to 500 elementary school children every week in the Espanola valley through weekend backpacks of healthy food. 

Come join us and begin the journey to free yourself from stress, fear and lack of vitality. You will be seated in chairs. All are welcome.

Dr Herbert Beatty is a 49 year practicing Chiropractic doctor from Albuquerque. He has attended 4 different BREATHE events.