Girl Scouts Love State Parks” Initiative Aims To Get Every Girl Outside July 13 And 14

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Girl Scouts Love State Parks” Initiative Aims To Get Every Girl Outside July 13 And 14

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – New Mexico State Parks (State Parks) and Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails are excited to announce the partnership between the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and the National Association of State Parks Directors for the first-ever national Girl Scouts Love State Parks weekend. From July 13–14, girls and their families are invited to experience the great outdoors, as part of the Girl Scouts’ all-girl leadership program, at four State Parks. Thousands of girls in hundreds of state parks across the United States will participate to find adventure, explore nature, and learn what Girl Scouts is all about.

By partnering with the Girl Scouts, State Parks will be able to provide additional outdoor programming for girls and their families. Studies show that 71 percent of girl members ages 8–14 tried their first outdoor activity through the Girl Scouts, and half would not have had access to outdoor activities and programming if not for the organization. GSUSA’s cutting-edge environmental conservation, camping, and outdoor science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programming is rooted in a passion for adventure and healthy risk-taking combined with taking action to protect the environment for present and future generations. Girl Scouts wants to get even more girls outside through Girl Scouts Love State ParksIn collaboration with our Parks Division, Girl Scouts will host events at four of New Mexico’s beautiful parks, to include Eagle Nest Lake, Fenton Lake, Bluewater Lake and Rio Grande Nature Center State Parks. Join us with your troop or family to participate in activities led by State Parks and Girl Scouts employees and volunteers. A list of activities will be shared on our website but expect to earn your Outdoor Core Training certification, learn survival skills, catch a fish (if you can!), hike the beautiful New Mexico landscapes or learn to shoot a bow!  Activities will vary based on location.  Most specialized activities will have a cap of 20 participants.  Participants can also purchase an exclusive Girl Scouts Love State Parks patch and other related merchandise from the Girl Scout Shop. 

“New Mexico State Parks and Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails have been partnering to benefit the girls of

New Mexico with outdoor venues and skills for some time now”, said Peggy Sanchez Mills, Girl Scouts of New

Mexico Trails CEO.  “I am delighted that we’ve ignited the relationship to a National Level for all girls toexperience.”

“Girl Scouts and State Parks are a natural fit,” said State Parks Director, Christy Tafoya.  “My first experiences camping and enjoying parks were as a Girl Scout, and I know that those experiences shaped my love for the outdoors.  I am excited to help our Girl Scouts learn about and become stewards of our State Parks.”

Visit for more details on the Girl Scouts Love State Parks event and to register for the weekend events.  Contact Cecilia Chavez at to learn more about Girl Scouts Love State Parks events. Visit the State Parks website to learn more about upcoming events.

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