Fishing Report April 2

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Fishing Report April 2, 2019

By George Morse

The new license year began April 1 and you will need to purchase a 2019-2020 fishing license or fishing and game hunting license now. They are available from license vendors across the state, State Game and Fish Department offices and online.

Winter made a brief but strong return over the weekend, with the weather Sunday (3/31) being particularly nasty with strong winds, snow and cold temperatures. This coming week is supposed to be relatively warm and the fishing should improve as the water warms up. The ice fishing season is pretty much over.

Rivers and streams are rising and this can make fishing difficult.  The streamflow below Abiquiu Dam on the Chama River is now at 1,010 cubic-feet-per-second. A flow this high makes for difficult fishing conditions here. The Chama River below El Vado Dam is usually a better choice, although the streamflow here is at a fairly heavy 789 cubic-feet-per-second. There were no reports from either location last week.

The water level in Abiquiu Lake is very low and still falling. The boat ramp is out of the water and launching boats is very difficult. The fishing has been slow.

The fishing has been fair-to-good for smallmouth bass at El Vado Lake. You’re likely to hook some brown trout and rainbow trout here and some of them can be good-sized.

Heron Lake is free of ice and open for bank fishing. There were no reports. The fishing should be at least fair for holdover rainbow trout and perhaps a few small lake trout.

Spring runoff is in full swing in the Jemez Mountain area, with streamflow in the Jemez River a strong 225 cubic-feet-per-second. The fishing is slow.

The best fishing in the Jemez Mountains will be in the lakes and small ponds. Fenton Lake has been very good for trout and is now open for boating. The Seven Springs Brood Pond has been very good and is open to anglers less than 12 years of age. It is located at the Seven Springs Fish Hatchery.

Santa Cruz Lake near Chimayo was stocked with March 25 with 3,840 rainbow trout. The fishing has been very good.

The Rio Grande is flowing at 737 cubic-feet-per-second. The fishing was reported as good in the John Dunn Bridge area. It was stocked March 27 with 251 rainbow trout. The Rio Grande in the Pilar area was stocked March 27 with 2,000 rainbow trout, so the fishing should be good here too.

The Rio Grande Gorge in the Questa area was stocked March 29 with 10,286 small Rio Grande cutthroat trout. The State Game and Fish Department has been making heavy stockings of small Rio Grande cutthroats for several years with the goal of establishing a good population of cutthroat trout in this section of the Rio Grande. Volunteers help transport the small cutthroats from the rim of the Gorge down to the river.

The Red River below Questa is not yet flowing that heavily at 47.6 cubic-feet-per-second and the fishing is good. It was stocked March 26 with 686 rainbow trout. The fishing has been good at the Red River Hatchery Pond too, which is limited to anglers under 14 and over 65 years of age.

A report has finally come in from Eagle Rock Lake near Questa, where the fishing has been reported as good. It was stocked March 26 with 502 rainbow trout.

Eagle Nest Lake is free of ice and is now open for boating. The fishing has been fair-to-good for rainbow trout. No reports on the fishing for perch or northern pike.

Maxwell Lake 13 was stocked March 28 with 1,998 rainbow trout. Prior to this stocking, nearly all the fish being caught here were good-sized holdover rainbow trout. Now, you may be hooking a lot of recently-stocked fish, although the big holdovers are still there.

Both Lake Alice and Lake Maloya at Sugarite Canyon State Park near Raton were stocked last week.

Lake Alice was stocked March 25 with 500 rainbow trout. Lake Maloya was stocked March 25 with 3,000 rainbow trout. Most of the fishing pressure here is at Lake Maloya, which is much bigger and deeper than Lake Alice. The fishing has been good at Lake Maloya.

The fishing at the Charette Lakes between Wagon Mound and Springer has been good for trout. There are also perch here but no reports on that fishing.

Storrie Lake near Las Vegas has been slow-to-fair for trout.

The Pecos River is rising and is now flowing at 113 cubic-feet-per-second. The fishing has been just slow-to-fair. They do catch some big fish from the Pecos this time of year. The high water tends to move the big trout around in the early spring.

Monastery Lake near Pecos has been very good for trout. It was stocked March 28 with 250 rainbow trout. There are a few wild brown trout in Monastery Lake. A 20-inch brown trout was caught last week.

Over in the Four Corners area, the fishing in the San Juan River below Navajo Dam is very slow. Normally a world-class trout fishery, the San Juan is extremely murky because they are working on the outlet gates at Navajo Dam.

The fishing has been slow at Navajo Lake. They have been catching some big fish. A 30-inch brown trout was caught and released last week. The fishing has been slow-to-fair for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and northern pike. Navajo Lake was stocked March 27 with 9,740 small rainbow trout.

The fishing at Jackson Lake has been slow-to-fair and there were no reports from Lake Farmington. Jackson Lake was stocked March 26 with 843 rainbow trout. Lake Farmington was stocked March 26 with 984 rainbow trout.

Cochiti Lake remains a prime destination if you want to try to catch a mess of catfish. The fishing has been very good using worms, liver and cut bait. The fishing has been fair for white bass and largemouth bass. The fishing for walleye has been slow-to-fair. They should start catching some northern pike at Cochiti.

Tingley Beach was not stocked last week. The fishing remains very good for previously-stocked trout.

The drainage canals in the Albuquerque area are still being stocked and the fishing is fair-to-good.

There will be a Youth Fishing Derby April 13 at Escondida Lake. This is a small lake just north of Socorro. The fishing has been fair-to-good here for stocked rainbow trout. Call (575) 835-8927 for more information.

The fishing for white bass and crappie was fair-to-good at Elephant Butte Lake. The fishing for catfish was fair-to-good. Fishing for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass was a bit tough.

The fishing for stocked trout remains good at Carlsbad Municipal Lake and Lake Van in the Carlsbad area.

The fishing for trout has been very good at Alto Lake near Ruidoso and good at Grindstone Reservoir, also in the Ruidoso area.

There were no reports from Lake Roberts near Silver City. The trout fishing should be good here and there are also catfish and largemouth bass here.

Snow Lake near Reserve was stocked March 27 with 1,960 rainbow trout. If you are in the area stop in Pietown for a slice of their famous green chile apple pie.

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