EVHS AJROTC Excels In Evaluation From Army

by Staff Reporter / Feb 02, 2018 / comments

EVHS AJROTC Excels In Evaluation From Army

The Espanola Valley High School Army JROTC (AJROTC) program received its three year accreditation Inspection from Headquarters 5th Brigade evaluators on Jan 30, 2018.

During the inspection two instructors and 117 cadets were in 100% attendance.  The unit was evaluated in personal appearance of cadets and instructors, military drill by cadets, a color guard evaluation performed by cadets, a 30 minute Continuous Improvement Briefing developed by cadets, a 30 minute Service Learning Brief developed by cadets, an interview and cadet portfolio evaluation with 8 cadets from each LET Level. This evaluation was to determine if instructors were teaching curriculum properly and according to USACC Program of Instruction Standards.

The results of this inspection were above and beyond the standard for Espanola Valley High School AJROTC.  They receive an overall rating of 95%.  The total score of 95% allowed the unit to receive the JROTC’s highest unit award of HONOR UNIT WITH DISTINCTION and the AJROTC unit GOLD STAR.  

Only the best of the best units, nationwide, receive  a gold star if all requirements are met to standard. Espanola Valley High School AJROTC met those standards.

Congratulations to the excellent cadets at EVHS!