Española City Council Approves Interim Police Chief

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Española City Council Approves Interim Police Chief

The Española City Council unanimously approved the appointment of David Osuna as interim chief of police on Tuesday. Osuna achieved the rank of deputy chief before retiring from the New Mexico State Police in 2002. Since his retirement, Osuna has been conducting police training.

Mayor Javier said, “Mr. Osuna brings a plethora of advanced skills and leadership to an already highly motivated department.”

Osuna will serve for two months while a search for the new chief is conducted.

Sanchez also presented a commendation to Public Safety Officer Adrian R. Martinez.

Deputy Police Chief Roger Jimenez, who introduced Martinez, first noted his sense of humor.

“In this field and in this profession, we need that sense of humor, not only for ourselves and our families but for the community, and also for our fellow officers,” Jimenez said.

Martinez earned the commendation for an incident on Feb. 9, 2019, when he was called out on a welfare check. Martinez did not see anyone matching the description at the building he had been called to but decided to inspect the surrounding area. He spotted someone fleeing the scene, pursued the subject and took him into custody. The suspect had items belonging to the burglarized business as well as burglary tools. The department is now investigating whether the suspect was involved in several other commercial burglaries.

“I really want to commend Officer Martinez, because he’s really trying to create a safer community for his child,” said Councilor John Ramon Vigil. “And I think that goes back to our police department creating and fostering that environment, where we can be proud to raise a family here.”

Sanchez also issued a proclamation naming April 9 as Compassion through Action Day.

Compassion Through Action is a nonprofit organization founded in Los Angeles, Calif., that is committed to helping the homeless. The Española chapter was founded in 2017.

Compassion Through Action is operated by volunteers who provide sack lunches, clothing and other items to the homeless community and others in need.

“You’re bringing back what we lost in our community many years ago. If you listen to your grandfathers, great grandfathers, there was a time when you helped your neighbor, and it wasn’t about how much money it was going to cost you to help. You just helped your neighbor," said Councilor Manny Martinez .”And we’ve lost that through the years, and it’s good to see that you’re bringing that back to the grassroots level of right there on the streets, helping the people that need it the most.”

Although Compassion Through Action reaches approximately 500 people with its email solicitations, it has only about 20 active volunteers.

“We would love to have more people actively involved,” said Andrew Herrera, director of the local chapter. Herrera would like to have enough volunteers to distribute food and clothing every weekend and ease the burden on current active members. He also wants to see Compassion Through Action chapters throughout New Mexico.

Council took no action on the Clean & Lien resolution Tuesday. The next public hearing on the resolution will be May 14.

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