Del Norte CU Helps Over Twenty Families With Groceries During The Holidays

by Staff Reporter / Jan 11, 2018 / 0 comments

Del Norte CU Helps Over Twenty Families With Groceries During The Holidays
Del Norte Credit Union’s Twelve Days of Giving is employee driven and helps random families throughout the region.

Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU), Northern New Mexico’s hometown financial cooperative, finished the 2017 year by launching the Twelve Days of Giving, a yearly employee driven initiative that helps families with their groceries during the holidays. For this community initiative, selected DNCU staff are tasked with a simple mission: drive to a local grocery market, pick a random family, and pay up to $100 of their groceries. In all, over 20 families were helped and over $2,100 was donated.

“The Twelve Days of Giving shines a light on the culture that lives within Del Norte Credit Union. It is the idea of always reaching out to help improve the lives of the communities we serve,” says Chuck Valenti, DNCU CEO/President. “The initiative also inspires DNCU staff to help neighbors during the holidays and brings joy to their hearts. That’s what this time of year is all about.”

The Twelve Days of Giving has been a tradition at DNCU for several years now. Del Norte Credit Union believes that helping unsuspecting families revitalizes hope in communities that need it most. It is their mission to continue improving lives and their team recognizes just how important that is.

“It brings me the most happiness to be able to walk up to a family and see their faces light up and smile as I tell them that Del Norte Credit Union would like to pay for their groceries,” says Jeri Bishop, Member Solutions Manager. “These are the moments that make me the proudest to say that I work for DNCU.”


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