Chevel Shepherd Sings Her First Single To The New Mexico Senate

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Sen. Bill Sharer, Chevel Shepherd and Sen. Steve Neville. Courtesy photo

Chevel Shepherd Sings Her First Single To The New Mexico Senate


Santa Fe, N..M. -- Many members of the New Mexico State Senate voiced how many New Mexicans feel, “New Mexico is number one!” “So proud you are from New Mexico!” “So proud you are from Farmington!”

“The Voice” singing competition winner, Chevel Shepherd of Farmington, sang “Broken Heart” to the New Mexico State Senate. “Broken Heart” is what she sang during the finale of “The Voice” competition. It is an original tune that is her first single. She also sang Loretta Lynn’s “You are Looking at Country.”

SM 52, recognizing the great achievement of the 16-year-old, was read to the young singer on the Senate floor.  The Senate Memorial was sponsored by Senator Steve Neville (R-District 2) and Senator Bill Sharer (R-District 1) of Farmington. Sharer also had guests from Farmington at the Senate. He introduced 14 students from Tibbets Middle school.

“I am introducing many fine students from Tibbets where I attended as did our special guest today,” Sharer said. 

The Senate passed SM 52 unanimously:

Quotes from Senator Sharer about Chevel Shepherd.

Quotes from Senator Neville about Chevel Shepherd.

Senate Memorial 52
54th Legislature - State Of New Mexico - First Session, 2019
Introduced By Steven P. Neville and William E. Sharer

A Memorial Recognizing The Amazing Talent Of Chevel Shepherd, Winner Of The Voice Singing Competition.

WHEREAS, Chevel Shepherd is a sixteen-year-old resident of Farmington who was catapulted to fame when she earned the crowning title on The Voice, a singing competition television series; and
WHEREAS, Chevel was a member of Kelly Clarkson's team and was announced the winner of season fifteen of The Voice on December 18, 2018; and
WHEREAS, in 2018, Chevel entered the fifteenth season of The Voice and in her blind audition sang "If I Die Young" by the Band Perry; and
WHEREAS, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton gave their enthusiastic approval of Chevel's performance, and Chevel chose to be a part of team Kelly; and
WHEREAS, Chevel made it to the finale and won the competition; and
WHEREAS, as a teenager, Chevel constantly impresses people with her powerful voice, given her age and her petite four-foot ten-inch stature; and
WHEREAS, Chevel was raised on country music and the outdoors, often doing crafts, feeding the animals and fixing up cars with her dad; and
WHEREAS, since Chevel was eight, she has been singing wherever she can; and
WHEREAS, Chevel first learned to yodel from her father when she was eleven years of age, and fell in love with it; and
WHEREAS, Chevel sang LeAnn Rimes' hit "Blue" during the semifinals and dedicated the performance to her grandfather, who was sitting in the audience; and
WHEREAS, when Chevel performed Loretta Lynn's song "You're Lookin' at Country" during the live top ten performances, she got feedback on her facebook page from Loretta Lynn herself,who wrote, "Loved it, honey!"; and
WHEREAS, through her choices in music, Chevel has confirmed that she considers herself "an old soul"; and
WHEREAS, Chevel loves the sound of older country music, from the storytelling to all of the instruments and the musicality of it; and
WHEREAS, Chevel is doing something different from modern country music and would like to bring back old country music and yodeling;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that Chevel Shepherd be recognized for her amazing singing talent; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Chevel Shepherd be congratulated for winning The Voice singing competition; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this memorial be transmitted to Chevel Shepherd.


Sen. Bill Sharer invited students from Tibbets Middle school to the Chevel Shepherd ceremony.

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