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New Study Says Vaping Could Lead to DWI

A recent study by Yale University researchers found that people who used e-cigarettes performed poorly on psychomotor tests and had detectable levels of alcohol in their system.  E-cigs deliver nicotine to the user by vaporizing liquids, many of which contain alcohol…


6 Week Diabetes Self-Management Workshop

Join a 6 week diabetes self-management workshop starting Fridays on February, 12 at 1:00pm at Española Presbyterian Hospital led by Becky Lovato-Gurule. Becky Lovato-Gurule is from Española and has lead numerous diabetes self-management workshops in Española over the past year. The program is for more than just those with diabetes, it also is for people with any type of ongoing health condition, physical and/or mental health related. It is always FREE to participants. For more information, please contact Denise at 575.613.5489.

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Late Flu Season Predicted By LANL

The flu season will likely peak in February in most parts of the United States, according to a model developed by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Using historical data, a mathematical representation of how flu spreads through a population, and data for the current flu season provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the scientists were able to create a probabilistic model forecasting the flu season…

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Cholesterol: Too Much is Not a Good Thing

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that your body needs. But when your body has too much cholesterol, it can build up on the walls of your arteries and lead to heart attack or stroke…


Column: Nature’s Presence

Energy exists at various frequencies ranging from microwaves at billions or millions of cycles per second (gigahertz or megahertz) to radio frequencies (RF) down to extremely low frequencies (ELF). In between are the UHF (ultrahigh frequencies), VHF (very high frequencies), etc. With the increase in electronic technologies there has been a great increase…


Column: Nature’s Presence

I had intended on starting a series called The Miracle of Chiropractic Care. I was told by my intuition that series could wait and I should start this one instead. As with many topics it will take much more than one column to convey my message. This may or may not be released as a consecutive series but rest assured this is a topic that will be discussed at great length…


Column: Nature’s Presence

Column: Nature’s Presence By Marcie Martinez, Founder of NaturesPresence.Net Nature’s Presence is a column that shares its name with my web site and gives a