Z 4 Enterprises Inc.: 42 Years Of Success By Serving The Communities Needs

Z-4 Enterprises, located in Alcalde has served the Valley and northern New Mexico region for 42 years, growing into a trusted partner for ranchers and farmers across the region. Valley Daily Post photo

Z-4 Enterprises Inc.: 42 Years Of Success By Serving The Communities Needs

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Farming and ranching are a part of the fabric of northern New Mexico, with thousands of residents still engaging in some form of agriculture throughout the region.

For the last 42 years, locals who have an old family tractor that needs repair, or need to buy or rent farm equipment have known one of the best places to go is Z-4 Enterprises, Inc., in Alcalde.

Located just 5 miles north of Espanola, Z-4 started serving the community in 1976 when Clyde Martinez began selling used farm equipment. A native of Alcalde, Clyde had worked for the telephone company for years before going to work on a large ranch. At the ranch he acquired and trained a great horse that earned him a good amount of money. Rather than buying a new truck or taking a vacation, Clyde used his earnings to start a business, and Z-4 was born.

Today it’s a family business with Clydes’ sons Urban and Wilbur Martinez managing the business, and other family members working in the office and the shop. The name Z-4 came from the family brand that the family still uses on their own ranch where they run over 40 head of cattle.

Z-4 has focused on serving the communities and people from around northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

People who have ever farmed or ranched know that it is a challenging business, with any profit coming only after months or even years of work. The Martinez family has specialized in helping local farmers to keep their equipment running, and when appropriate, selling them what they need. For more than 30 years that meant selling used equipment, but Urban Martinez shared with the Daily Post how the global financial crisis from a decade ago led them into also selling new equipment.

Urban Martinez working with a customer on a newly purchased tractor. Valley Daily Post photo

As many readers will remember, ten years ago, a banking crisis hit the nation, causing banks to stop lending to customers, including farmers and businesses. That meant a local farmer who needed to buy a used tractor could no longer get financing, and as Urban Martinez described it, left them unable to keep their farms operating.

The family looked into ways to help their customers and discovered that while banks would not lend, tractor companies offered financing for new equipment sales. This led Urban into researching various brands, including Kioti Tractors and equipment. Urban said he discovered a brand that made great equipment at a fair price, and would also provide financing to customers.

 Z-4 carries a large selection of new Kioti tractors in various models and with equipment. Valley Daily Post photo

Seven years ago Z-4 became an official dealer of Kioti Tractors and equipment. Urban spoke with pride about the Kioti line, saying that over the last seven years he has learned that it is not only a reasonably priced equipment line, but is a very high-quality product. 

Today, Z-4 offers a broad selection and full service for Kioti tractors and Kioti UTV’s, as well as almost any kind of farm equipment. They are the only Kioti dealership in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.  Last year they sold 47 new tractors and are on track to sell over 50 this year.

Z-4 also carries used and new trailers from Top Hat, farm equipment from Woods Equipment, and car and truck accessories such as lift kits, push guards, receivers and tires.

Z-4 also offers a large selection of mowers and other equipment. Valley Daily Post photo

Z-4 also offers equipment rentals, where you can rent a tractor, backhoe or other equipment, and they also sell sand and gravel and offer excavation services.

Equipment, both large and small is available for sale or rent, including this excavator. Valley Daily Post photo

They are able to keep costs down because almost all the work is done by family members who grew up in the business.

Z-4 really offers everything for people needing farm or ranch equipment, from small to full-sized equipment.

Z-4 also carries specialty equipment useful to the small farms we have locally. Pictured here is a specialized cultivator that can harrow, plant, or other functions in a garden with a light footprint and avoiding crushing crops. Valley Daily Post photo

 Z-4 is a member of the Espanola Valley Chamber of Commerce and is located at 771 Hwy 68 in Alcalde, or you can call them at 505-852-2253. If you are interested in seeing their full line of equipment, stop in and say hi to Urban, Val and everyone at this great northern New Mexico business. Valley Daily Post photo

Urban invites everyone to stop by and visit, and to “remember to run ahead of the pack, with a new Kioti Tractor!  Z-4 Enterprises is where “Customers satisfaction is a must.”

​Kioti tractor with a backhoe. Valley Daily Post photo

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​In addition to Kioti brand of new tractors, Z-4 carries a selection of used and almost new tractors from other manufacturers, such as John Deere and New Holland. Valley Daily Post photo

log splitters ready to help prepare for winter. Valley Daily Post photo