Work Begins Preparing For 155 Bridge In Abiquiu


Above: Storm forms in the canyon above 155, image courtesy of Alec Budge and the Abiquiu News

Work Begins Preparing For 155 Bridge In Abiquiu

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By Carol Bondy with the Abiquiu News

ABIQUIU – At the Town Hall Meeting June 23rd, Commissioner Danny Garcia’s promise to remove the culverts and create a low water crossing during the interim when the new bridge is being put in, was met with applause.

Commissioner Garcia was true to his word, and work began just days after the meeting. The culverts that caused a greater problem then what they were designed to resolve, have been removed. A detour has been created to a low water crossing. 

This area, and the arroyo that crosses 155 just before it hits 84, is prone to flooding. Until the bridge is built it is possible that residents will not be able to cross those arroyos, cutting them off from their homes, or from leaving the area, and preventing emergency vehicles from access. Hopefully this will be short term and the future bridge will resolve the problem.

To Danny Garcia and all the officials that have taken quick action on this project, we thank you.

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