White House Announces Border Wall (Between Colorado and New Mexico)

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White House Announces Border Wall (Between Colorado and New Mexico)

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In keeping with campaign pledges made in the 2016 presidential election, the Trump Administration announced that a groundbreaking for the first stage of a border wall between the United States and Mexico would be conducted today. In a surprise to many New Mexicans, a press release from the White House made clear that the groundbreaking ceremony would be very close-to-home for residents of the Land of Enchantment. What caused some confusion was that it would also be along the border with New Mexico and Colorado.

During a press conference, Friday afternoon White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer informed the White House press pool that the groundbreaking would occur at a pull-off along US Highway 285 south of Antonito, Colorado and about 15 feet north of the border between the United States and New Mexico. Most members of the media did not take notice of the location but CNN correspondents did ask for clarification since Colorado does not actually border the nation of Mexico. Unfortunately due to an ongoing dispute between Spicer and the CNN network those questions were ignored.

At press time it is unknown whether the Trump Administration is aware that New Mexico is a part of the United States or is simply choosing to exclude New Mexico from the United States and using the border wall as a method to do so. During the 2016 election, then candidate Donald Trump made clear his disdain for New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez calling New Mexico the “worst-run state in America.” Or it could be, as longtime residents New Mexico are aware, the nation sometimes forgets New Mexico is a state and this is simply a mistake.

Either way, Travelers seeking to go between Colorado and New Mexico will soon be faced with a 30-foot tall steel wall as construction begins today, April 1, 2017, along the border between New Mexico and Colorado.

For more clarification please see the link to the press release HERE.