Weekly Fishing Report


Weekly Fishing Report

By George Morse Sports and Outdoors

While checking out last week’s stocking reports, I found that there were a lot of fish stocked at the Fawn Lakes. There were two stockings, each of 632 catchable rainbows (10 inches). There was also a stocking of 68 rainbow trout averaging 13.5 inches and another stocking of 68 rainbow trout averaging a hefty 16 inches in size. That’s a lot of fish.

Since the Fawn Lakes are not covered in the conditions report and I wasn’t familiar with them, I did a little research. The Fawn Lakes are small fishing lakes located near the Fawn Lakes Campground. The Campground is located about 3 miles west of the town of Red River and is along the Red River itself. The proximity of the popular tourist town of Red River, as well as the Campground, is the likely reason these Lakes are heavily stocked. The Red River Trout Hatchery nearby supplies the fish.

If you don’t mind catching hatchery rainbows, including some of good size, then the Fawn Lakes look like a good destination.

You can also fish the Red River, which received a hefty stocking of 4,699 catchable rainbow trout above Questa.

Other good fishing destinations that received heavy stockings last week are: Monastery Lake near Pecos (1,076 catchable rainbows), Pecos River between the towns of Cowles and Pecos (3,889 catchable rainbow trout), Los Pinos River near the Colorado border (1,800 catchable rainbow trout), Rio Pueblo near Penasco (1,200 catchable rainbow trout), Chama River above El Vado Lake (1001 rainbows averaging 12 inches).

I f you are interested in fishing the Chama River above El Vado, one of the areas were most of the stocking occurs is south of the town of Chama is a public fishing area managed by the State Game and Fish Department. Further downstream, you can access the Chama on dirt roads in the Rio Chama Wildlife Area. Be aware that three miles of the Chama in this area is limited to fishing with lures or flies with a single, barbless hook and there is a limit of two fish 16 inches or longer. The next area to access the Chama is at Heron Lake State Park, where you can hike down to the Chama below Heron Dam. From there it flows into El Vado Lake.

The bank fishing for rainbow trout continues to be good at Heron Lake.

The Chama River below El Vado Dam is still fishing well and this area received a stocking of 501 rainbow trout averaging 12 inches. This area is heavily stocked and also has a good population of wild brown trout that can grow to good size.

Eagle Rock Lake near Questa continues to be good for stocked rainbow trout. Eagle Nest Lake has been fair-to-good for trout and excellent for perch. Anglers have also been catching some northern pike. You must keep every pike you catch. They cannot be released back into the lake. Lake Maloya near Raton has been fair-to-good for trout and good for perch.

The fishing at Fenton Lake continues to be slow. Santa Cruz Lake has also been slow, but a 19-inch rainbow trout was caught last week.

The fishing for smallmouth bass and walleye at Abiquiu Lake has been fair-to-good. I strongly suggest fishing early in the morning or in the evening if you want to try for walleye. The Chama River below Abiquiu Dam is still pretty murky if not muddy from monsoon rains. Once the water clears a little in the fall it should be good for brown trout that can reach impressive sizes. There may be some big holdover rainbow trout too.