Week After Christmas Sees Woman Injured In Domestic Dispute


Week After Christmas Sees Woman Injured In Domestic Dispute

Staff Report

As is the case with many domestic disputes that are reported and handled by law enforcement, young children are oftentimes the reason for couples fighting.

According to the Espanola Police Department, that’s exactly what happened when Joshua Lucero and Maquela Valdez were at a relative’s home on West Bond St. in Espanola, on Dec. 28, when an argument erupted between the couple.

According to EPD, Lucero was allegedly attempting to leave in his vehicle with the couple’s child when Valdez attempted to stop Lucero from taking the children. According to a statement from an Espanola Police detective handling the case, Valdez was on the side of the vehicle when Lucero was “reversing out” out of the driveway, and ran over Valdez then left the scene.

Lucero was arrested by the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Department the next day Dec. 29, and charged with “…causing great bodily harm.”

According to police, Lucero was allegedly involved in another domestic disturbance with Valdez which resulted in Valdez receiving “… a black eye and fat lip…” the day before the “great bodily injury”  case for which he was charged.