Valley Lavender Festival – “Purple Is The New Black


Valley Lavender Festival – “Purple Is The New Black

By Robert A. Naranjo

ABIQUIU – Everything was turning up lavender when the Valley Daily Post visited the Valley Lavender Festival Saturday afternoon, July 11. Not surprisingly, it was found to be a place as calm, peaceful, inspiring and beautiful as the lavender itself! The short scenic drive to Abiquiu from Espanola was well worth it and once you arrive, you’ll think so, too.

The Purple Adobe Lavender Farm seems to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  Completely thought out and planned down to the last rock in the Farm’s labyrinth–why even the lavender itself was planned out!  

Elizabeth Inman and her husband, Roger, own and operate the Lavender Farm. To get everything perfect from the outset, she traveled to France to find the right lavender formula, ranging from the plant itself to learn about the right soil with high ph, sandy-loam, alkaline, altitude, etc. for growing the very best lavender.  After that journey to France in the name of lavender, and being business savvy and meticulous thus far, next was to find the perfect land with all the right conditions. The Inmans found 20+ acres along the Chama River near historic Abiquiu, not far from Georgia O’Keefe’s adobe home. No, the world famous artist’s home had earth-colored adobe, not purple!

Abiquiu’s  “tierra” or soil was completely perfect, and the rest was purple lavender history. The Farm has been recognized with many business accolades in NM, too many to begin listing here. Julianne Barbee and Ida Carrillo of the local SBDC at Northern New Mexico College were mentioned as being quite helpful in the Farm’s formative years.

What started all this lavender business? The Valley Daily Post posed that very question. Elizabeth said a few years back she stayed in a “casita” or small, quaint house in Santa Fe.  The owner, Randy Murray, was an aficionado of lavender who himself likely learned about “alucema” or lavender from a local as it’s been used for generations in New Mexico due to its calmative effect, even on infants.

In addition to being a beautiful place to visit, the lavender farm is growing this lavender for use in a variety of products. The farm also has a store where you can sample calmative sprays, lotions, soap, in bath salts, all made with this locally grown plant that looks breathtaking in neat rows awash in blooming lavender. It has a calming effect just looking at it!

“TREAT YOUR SENSES TO A DAY AT THE FARM” the brochure and website both beckon. Visit the gift shop, stroll hand-in-hand through the fields, or just you and lavender! The Farm’s Tea House is perfect for sipping tea that has to be experienced!  Trolley tours, too and much more! And, whatever you do, don’t forget your camera and your senses. Both are in for a treat!

July is harvest month for lavender and a good time to visit. For more info and to help plan your visit: or (505) 685-0082.
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