UNM-LA Seeks Public Input

UNM-LA Seeks Public Input

In an effort to identify community needs for higher-level degree options at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (UNM-LA), the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management is working alongside individuals at UNM-LA, and individuals from the Provost office at UNM-Albuquerque to conduct an online survey which is asking for public input.

As a branch campus in the State of New Mexico, UNM-Los Alamos offers Associate Degree and Certificate level programs.  Students who want to pursue upper division or graduate level classes typically either (1) transfer to UNM, (2) transfer to another institution, or (3) stay on the UNM-LA campus and work with the UNM-LA Bachelor and Graduate Program center. This center currently offers a number of bachelor and graduate level degrees at the UNM-LA campus, delivered in a variety of class formats. The survey being conducted by UNM students is designed to assess the needs for various degree programs from the prospective of both the employer and the prospective student, and in addition will gather information on preferred delivery methods that to effectively meet the local community needs.

UNM-LA Interim Executive Director Cindy Rooney stated, “We want to help fulfill the needs of the community in terms of student needs, employer needs, and economic development needs. This collaboration with students at the Anderson School is a wonderful opportunity for both UNM and UNM-LA to gain more insight into ways that we can serve our community and the surrounding area.” 

The UNM students have been working with individuals in Los Alamos and in Albuquerque as they developed the survey. Provost Chaouki Abdallah, Vice President for Academic Affairs at UNM, noted that UNM is “committed to creating access to many of UNMs degree programs in Engineering, Business, and Education to ensure a well-educated workforce in the Los Alamos area.”

Ongoing discussions have suggested a strong interest in a variety of upper division and masters programs in the Los Alamos area. These programs could serve UNM-LA graduates who want to go beyond their Associate Degree or Certificate program, individuals who live in this community who want to pursue additional education or new career opportunities, as well as individuals who relocate to this area with family members or friends for jobs with LANL, or other local businesses.

Cindy Leyba, who serves as the UNM-LA Bachelor and Graduate Program Operations Manager, added, “We really want to encourage the community at large to take advantage of this opportunity to help shape these higher-level degree programs. UNM-LA is a valuable asset in the region and we are trying to make it even better by involving those who will benefit the most, and that is the local community.”

The survey may be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/UNMLosAlamos_ProgramInterest. The survey is currently available until November 19, 2015, and respondents can be assured that they will remain anonymous and their answers are confidential.

For more information about UNM-LA Bachelor and Graduate Programs, log on to labgp.unm.edu or contact Cindy Leyba, 505.662.0335.