UNM-LA Advisory Board: No Tuition Increase; Expanded Mechanical Engineering


UNM-LA student Aaliyah Sandoval was introduced to the board members as a recipient of a recent N3B scholarship. Her mother, Dana (left of Aaliyah) also attended the meeting. Photograph by Nancy Coombs, UNM-LA


At the UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) Advisory Board meeting on Monday, March 3, in addition to the board’s recommendation on tuition and fees, advisory board members had the opportunity to hear from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Senior Director, Partnerships and Pipeline Office, Nan Sauer.

Sauer talked to the UNM-LA Advisory Board about collaborations between LANL and UNM-LA regarding programs to help support local workforce needs.

Last fall, LANL, UNM School of Engineering and UNM-LA collaborated to develop a pathway for students to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering on the UNM-LA campus, which will provide an opportunity for LANL employees, UNM-LA students and others to continue their education locally. Sauer mentioned that over 125 LANL employees expressed an interest in the program.

Students would complete the Associate’s Degree in Pre-Engineering at UNM-LA. The UNM School of Engineering plans to start offering upper division classes on the UNM-LA campus in Fall 2020. Students who are interested in the Mechanical Engineering program should contact Irina Alvestad at 505-661-4696 or by email at irina@unm.edu.

The Advisory Board recommended no increase in tuition and fees for 2020-21, following the proposal by the UNM-LA Executive Team. The recommendation was based on expectations of revenues and expenditures for next year. For further information about the UNM-LA Advisory Board, visit losalamos.unm.edu/faculty-staff/administration/advisory-board/.


UNM-LA student Allan VanCleave attended the Advisory Board Meeting and was recognized as one of two UNM-LA students who were honored as Phi Theta Kappa Scholars at the New Mexico Legislative session. Photograph by Nancy Coombs, UNM-LA


UNM-LA Board members Laura Burrows, David Sutton and Steve Boerigter review the material during the meeting. Photograph by Nancy Coombs, UNM-LA




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