Two Española Students Receive New Mexico Educational Assistance Foundation

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Two Española Students Receive New Mexico Educational Assistance Foundation

$18,000 Awarded In Scholarships To 28 Students In 11 New Mexico Communities through partner programs of College Connect NM and NM Education Council.

Albuquerque, NM – Two Española students have been named 2019 New Mexico Educational Assistance Foundation scholarship winners. Bryanna Jaramillo from Northern New Mexico College and Meranda Romero from Española Valley High School received scholarships toward tuition at their desired New Mexico college for the upcoming Fall Semester.

The New Mexico Educational Assistance Foundation (NMEAF issues annual scholarships to New Mexico students to pursue higher education through two scholarship programs. Since 1981 NMEAF has awarded more than $928,000 scholarships. Scholarships will be disbursed for the 2019 Fall Semester. 

The College Connect NM (CCNM) FAFSA Scholarship awards $10,000 total to 20 NM students of $500 scholarships each.  Students who attended a FAFSA Workshop and completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) were eligible to apply for the scholarship.  Students who completed the scholarship application online were selected through a random drawing. 1,022 students have registered for the $500 scholarship state-wide. The winners were contacted in April and the scholarship disbursement will be at their Institution in the fall 2019.  

The 20 $500 CCNM FAFSA Scholarship Recipients are:

  • Joaquin Anchondo, from Chaparral High School in Chaparral
  • Anthony Bencomo, from Cobre High School in Bayard
  • Morgan Berumen, from Vaughn Municipal Schools in Vaughn
  • Montana C De Baca, from Manzano High School in Albuquerque
  • Bryanna Jaramillo, from Northern New Mexico College in Espanola
  • Derrick Lameman, from Aztec High School in Aztec
  • Rebecca Luten, from La Cueva High School in Albuquerque
  • Brianna Martinez, from Cobre High School in Bayard
  • Kayla Ontiveros, from Chaparral High School in Chaparral
  • Tyler Peters, from Shiprock High School in Shiprock
  • Alessia Plummer, from University of New Mexico in Albuquerque
  • Casey Podzemny, from Clayton High School in Clayton
  • Andrea Radosavljevic, from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces
  • Jesus Rodriguez, from Chaparal High School in Chaparral
  • Meranda Romero, from Espanola Valley High School in Espanola
  • Megan Salazar, from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces
  • Ariana Santistevan, from La Cueva High School in Albuquerque
  • Karla Valera, from Onate High School in Las Cruces
  • Alexis Valles, from Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in Albuquerque
  • Nohemi Zuniga, from West Mesa High School in Albuquerque

“I want to thank NMEAF for the $500 scholarship I have received.This scholarship helps me with saving up for my Graduate School out of state at The University of Arizona.I will be pursuing a master’s degree in Cyber Security, a $500 award goes a long way, and I am much appreciated by it,” said Bryanna Jaramillo, CCNM scholarship winner from Northern New Mexico College.

“We applaud all the students and parents who completed the FAFSA and are continuing their education.” said, Dr. Jennifer Gomez-Chavez of UNM on behalf CCNM. “We are honored to provide this scholarship to assist with helping students fund their future.”

The New Mexico Education Council (NMEC) is composed of 17 NM Public Higher Education institutions and awards $8,000 scholarships to 8 students as $1,000 individual scholarships.  Scholarship recipient selection was based on the student’s desire to create a better New Mexico through educational attainment.  This is exemplified through the student’s family, school, community, and academic ability, as well as the quality of the required essay discussing “How does higher education play an important role in the future of New Mexico?”

The 2019 NMEC $1,000 Scholarship winners are:

  • Elise Ballard, Farmington High School in Farmington
  • Lynae Buckley, Hope Christian High School in Albuquerque
  • Kaitlyn Garcia, from Goddard High School in Roswell
  • Alex Moyer, from Fort Sumner High School in Fort Sumner
  • Evan O’Connell, from Eldorado High School in Albuquerque
  • Monique Roybal, from Melrose High School in Melrose
  • Jazlyn Solis, from Atrisco Heritage Academy in Albuquerque
  • Aedan Wells, from Aztec High School in Aztec

“Higher education provides students with a chance to pursue a career they want to achieve.  The purpose for higher education is to create prepared minds with the knowledge needed to grow and develop the economy for the better,” said Estefani Martinez Colin, NMEC scholarship winner from Raton High School.  “Employees with high education have secure jobs with good benefits. The role that higher education plays in the future of New Mexico is educating the workforce and training more people to better job opportunities, which is key to a better future.”

 “We are thrilled to provide scholarship opportunities to students in New Mexico to help them pay for higher education. We are promoting FAFSA Completion as $19 Million in potential Federal Pell Grant money goes unclaimed each year in NM that could help students pay for college*,” said Michael Nemelka, president of NMEAF.  “We also work to educate students about the importance of higher education as statistics indicate that two-thirds of job openings in 2020 will require post-secondary education**”.

*According to NerdWallet Report

**According to US Department of Education and the National Center for Education Statistics

About New Mexico Educational Assistance Foundation

The New Mexico Educational Assistance Foundation (NMEAF) is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established by the New Mexico State Legislature in 1981.  NMEAF has served local students and families in helping them plan, pay and prepare for college by facilitating community outreach programs and events to help New Mexico’s low-income, first-generation, and other disadvantaged groups.

About College Connect New Mexico

College Connect New Mexico (CCNM) is a collaborative of 30 educational institutions and non-profit organizations across New Mexico.  CCNM’s mission is to promote and educate about FAFSA and college application completion process.  CCNM helps organize, facilitate and host FAFSA trainings, workshops, and events while providing educational assistance and resources to NM Families.

About New Mexico Education Council

The New Mexico Education Council (NMEC) is a program of NMEAF in partnership with 17 NM public colleges and universities to promote higher education in NM.  NMEC provides several different programs including statewide college fairs, college days and night events, and scholarships.