TrumpCare Details Scare NM Congress Members

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TrumpCare Details Scare NM Congress Members

NM Members Of Congress React To CBO Study Showing 24 Million To Lose Insurance 

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WASHINGTON – Members of the New Mexico Congressional Delegation began to voice concern over the numbers released Monday showing that full implementation of the Congressional Republicans and Trump Administration health care plan will result in millions of Americans losing their health care coverage. Monday morning the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the bill will cancel health care for 14 million people in just one year, with 24 million losing care by 2026. 

Senator Martin Heinrich
Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) estimates that the plan will result in 300,000 New Mexicans losing their health care coverage. On Tuesday Heinrich’s office responded by launching “Keep Me Covered,” a social media campaign calling for New Mexicans and people across the country to share a video or photo using the hashtag #KeepMeCovered to “highlight what they stand to lose under President Trump and congressional Republicans’ health care plan.”  

“President Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to rush through their catastrophic health care plan that threatens the health and livelihoods of New Mexicans and will throw our health care system into chaos,” said Senator Heinrich. “Under TrumpCare, over 300,000 New Mexicans will lose their health care coverage – stripping away health insurance from our rural communities, children, seniors, and hard-working families. New Mexicans will be left paying more for less health coverage. A school teacher in New Mexico will pay more for their health care so that a hedge fund manager can get a six-figure tax break. This is unacceptable. New Mexicans’ voices must be heard.”

To participate in the “Keep Me Covered” campaign, New Mexicans and people across the nation can share a short video or photo on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #KeepMeCovered with their story of how losing health care coverage will impact their life. 

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan
Congressman Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) issued a statement Monday regarding the release of CBO estimates, voicing concern over the loss of insurance for millions of Americans. Lujan added that the report also projects that even those who do not lose coverage will suffer as premiums will increase  by more than 15-20 percent higher than under current law.

In a statement, Lujan said “This bill charges the disabled, senior citizens, women, and children more than others, imposes a sick tax on middle-class families and gives tax breaks to the very wealthy and to insurance company CEOs. Congressional Republicans are allowing insurance companies to push more health care costs onto people in the form of out-of-pocket payments. This means higher deductibles and higher out of pocket costs.”

Lujan projected that the draconian cuts will force states to increase taxes on their citizens and that the plan “breaks President Trump’s promise that ‘everyone would be covered’ and the guarantees of Speaker Ryan that ‘no one would be worse off’.”

Since Republicans released their health care plan, many health care advocates and stakeholders have voiced opposition to the bill, including New Mexico Voices for Children, New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, AARP, the American Medical Association, American Hospital Association, and American Nurses Association.