Top 10 Most Wanted DWI Fugitive Captured


Top 10 Most Wanted DWI Fugitive Captured

Staff Report 

SANTA FE — Gov. Susana Martinez has announced that Thomas Frank, one of New Mexico’s most wanted DWI fugitives, has been captured.

This is part of a statewide effort to locate and capture repeat DWI offenders – including those who have killed or seriously injured families on the road – who have skipped out on parole or probation and are now running from the law.

The Farmington Police Department arrested Frank Nov. 7 in Farmington. Frank was on parole after being convicted of his seventh DWI offense. This was the second time he had absconded from supervision.

“This repeat drunk driver is too dangerous to be on our roads,” Acting Corrections Secretary David Jablonski said. “Even when he was arrested, he was intoxicated – a clear sign that he skipped out of supervision to continue breaking the rules. We are extremely grateful to our law enforcement partners for getting him off the streets.”

The list of most wanted DWI absconders is available here. Many of these offenders are also violent criminals who drove drunk and either seriously injured another driver or killed them, or they are repeat offenders who are at high-risk for causing a tragedy to occur in the future.

“The New Mexico Department of Transportation is proud to work with the Governor and law enforcement on this important initiative,” NMDOT Deputy Secretary Loren Hatch said. “Keeping our roads safe is our top priority. Working with our partners to end DWI is one way to do that.”