This Time A Real Gas Leak

DSC_7758 Real Gas Leak-SMALL

Valley Daily Post photo by Robert A. Naranjo

This Time A Real Gas Leak

Robert A. Naranjo

El Llano – This time the gas leak was for real. NM Gas Company crews were called out to Rio Arriba County Road 34, Simmon’s Lane, in the El Llano section of Espanola, on Wednesday, Feb. 24 to repair a natural gas line.  Crews worked all day to repair the problem and were still working at 6 pm when this photograph was taken and were still on site Thursday morning. 

A false alarm gas leak at the Espanola Valley High

School on Monday, Feb. 22, caused an evacuation of the high school, but the gas odor turned out to be caused by faulty sewer lines. However, a very small natural gas leak was discovered outside the building and was not related to the original emergency call of a gas odor inside the actual building. NM gas company employees and Adan Cordova, Espanola Schools Facilities Director and his crew worked to solve the “gas crisis.”  School resumed on Thursday, Feb. 25 and not earlier due to NM Gas Company officials having to give the official “all clear” approval before students could  return to school.