Teresa Leger Fernandez Statement On False Accusations

Teresa Leger Fernandez, Candidate for Congress, New Mexico District 3

Press Release Statement Issued May 21, 2020:

In response to a series of false allegations, Teresa Leger Fernandez again reiterated her clear position on a number of key issues and released the following statement:

“My campaign has always been focused on the issues that matter to New Mexicans and on a positive, progressive vision for our district — but while we’ve been doing that, other candidates in this race have been engaging in negative attacks against me, and I feel I need to again address these false accusations.

“Dark money has no place in our politics. I have been working throughout my career to reform our democracy and that’s why End Citizens United and Let America Vote — the groups leading the charge to get money out of politics — have endorsed me; they recognize I will be a champion for campaign finance reform. And unlike some in this race, my campaign has refused to take any corporate PAC money.

“My campaign cannot coordinate with any outside groups, and we have no control over any ads that they choose to run. That’s the law, and the media and other candidates in this race know that, which makes their attacks disingenuous to say the least.

“The ad attacking Valerie is extremely offensive and sexist. This type of vilification has no place in our politics, and I’ve forcibly condemned this ad since it first became public. It’s one thing to talk about someone’s record, but it’s another to vilify people in this hateful way, and the ad should of course come down. My campaign has zero connection to the hateful group that is behind them, and there is no evidence to back up this reckless insinuation. Suggestions to the contrary are false, baseless attacks, and an attempt to confuse voters for political gain.”