Suspected Burglar Shot By Homeowner

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Suspected Burglar Shot By Homeowner

MEDENALES – On Wednesday, July 29, Antonio Carmona discovered his home, off County Road 140 in Medenales, had been burglarized and muddy footprints left throughout the home. Carmona armed himself with a shotgun and quickly discovered an individual immediately outside his home, whom he believed shoes seemed to closely match the size and tread of the tracks left in his home.  

Rio Arriba County Sherriff James Lujan stated, “Carmona ordered the suspected burglar to get on the ground and stay there while Carmona called the police.”  It was then Sherriff Lujan notes, “the suspect apparently attempted to flee the property. Carmona chased him and fired two rounds into the ground and a third into the suspect’s leg.” Carmona admitted to shooting the suspected burglar but said he had been attempting to shoot the ground near him to scare him into surrendering.

The suspect who was later identified as Lester Richard Padilla is now at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe under guard for possible violations of his parole for his part in the burglary and Carmona has been charged with Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, and Negligent Use of a Firearm.