Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez Receives New Contract

Bobbie Gutierrez
Bobbie Gutierrez, stock photo by Valley Daily Post

Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez Receives New Contract

By Robert A. Naranjo

Espanola Public Schools Board of Education approved a new annual contract for Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez’s at their regular meeting on Wednesday, Feb 24.” President Pablo Lujan called for the motion to approve. Board member, Yolanda Salazar, made the motion to approve Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez’s contract for another year, the second to Salazar’s motion came from board member, Elias Fresquez.

Following the vote, President Lujan commented on the approval of Gutierrez’s contract saying that many projects were being completed with an eye towards the future and outstanding District issues before Gutierrez’s arrival were getting resolved by the board and the Superintendent with the main beneficiaries being the District’s students and taxpayers.

When asked to comment about her extension, Gutierrez told the media that the District was moving forward and “following the strategic plan,” and added that, “billing changes are forthcoming in business services with reorganization.”

Gutierrez also mentioned settling the Cariños Charter School lawsuit, which started when the former EPS Superintendent had Cariños move from the facility, leaving that Charter school scrambling for a facility. The end result was Cariños filing a lawsuit against the District and a judge agreed with them.

As the Board made its way to a closed executive session, Gutierrez said that getting an idea on the real estate that the District owns and developing or selling some of the land it cannot use to benefit the students of the District may be looked at and evaluated. Maybe a real estate professional may be contracted to help us determine what District “property can bring funding now that finances are tight with the State,” she said. Gutierrez acknowledged revenues were down at the State due to a fall in oil and gas prices and subsequently less revenue.