Sundevils Show Grit, Score 14 In Fourth But Show Low, AZ Wins In Balanced Attack 55-14

Carlos GonzalesEVResiz
El Llano - Espanola Valley Sundevil Football player, Carlos Gonzales #2, shown here, takes a well-deserved drink of Gatorade after scoring the Sundevils first  touchtown  late in the 4th Quarter and ran in the two-point conversion. The game was out of reach but the Sundevils came back again minutes later to score another TD with 19 seconds left on the clock when Jaime Membreno caught a bullet pass in the endzone, but the pass for  two-point  conversion failed. Final score: Show Low, AZ, Cougars 55, Espanola Valley Sundevils, 14.

Sundevils Play With Grit, Opposing Coach Says They’re Tough


El Llano – The Espanola Valley Sundevils could have scheduled an easier opponent than the 11-1 (2015-16) Show Low, Arizona, Cougars but they didn’t. Some coaches want touch opponents to open the season, with the logic that playing tough opponents makes their team tough. May be true, and it’s very likely that the Sundevils came away tougher after playing with grit against a very good opponent. Photo by ROBERT NARANJO/