Sundevils’ Homecoming Lightning Shocks Wingate

Three out of four Sundevils opponents have had the game stopped by the "Mercy Rule." The Sundevils are now 4-0 on the season and have outscored their opponents: 160 to 13. Valley Daily Post Image by Robert A. Naranjo

Sundevils’ Homecoming Lightning Shocks Wingate

By Robert A. Naranjo


It was a homecoming that was like no other. That is, it was not what they used to be, where the game’s highlight was running into an old classmate. Not this homecoming — the Sundevil offense took a big early lead against an overmatched Wingate and never looked back.  And the defense? Post SPORTS will let the Coach have his say.

EVHS Sundevils share a moment of silence together after their Friday night win against Wingate for Homecoming '15. This win was the 4th straight for the Sundevils. Valley Daily Post SPORTS  Image by Robert A. Naranjo

Coach Miguel Medina shared the postgame moment with his team on the field. The Sundevil Football team’s post game victory ritual included cheering, jeering, and not forgetting a few words to the One Above with helmets off and eyes closed in meditation. Coach Medina was in the middle of  it all, receiving congratulations from all around him as he walked.


Post SPORTS asked Coach Medina on his take relative to the game. “It was hard work again, there’s no other way to explain it.  And a lot of credit to the defense,” Coach Medina said before he was inundated with continuous congratulatory shouts. “How are you,” Coach tells a well-wisher with an ear piercing whoooo hooooo from another fan close by. 

The coach manages to say amid the cheering, “the Defense stopped them. ” And when asked about the offense, Coach Medina responded, “They’re wicked, you know?”

The EVHS Sundevils and Cheerleaders pose for a photo after the 52-O "mercy rule" victory by the Sundevils football team. It's their third win in that fashion this season. Valley Daily Post Image by Robert A. Naranjo


Coach Medina is asked about the next opponent, the Gallup Bengals and the opponent after that, Taos. He comments also on taking each game one at a time and keeping their feet on the ground but he’s confident that they can.  He also re-vists his statement of “there’s no reason why we can’t win all ten games. ” Coach Medina told Post Sports at the pre-season interview at the McCurdy scrimmage. The spot he made that prediction, on the east side line at about  the 4O yard line, was pointed out to him and informed that he was 4O percent of the way to reaching 1O wins. 

Post Sports will bring you the rest of the Coach Medina’s Post GAME Post SPORTS including game stats as they become available.  So stay tuned for the stats on a 52-O game. Sure to elicit a “wow” from our loyal Post SPORTS readers and maybe send EVHS Athletic Director Eric Vigil researching if more school records were broken.

Quarterback Marcos Flores during warm-ups at Friday's homecoming game. Courtesy photo


While Coach Medina has 1O consecutive football victories in mind for his record setting pace 2O15 Sundevils, it wasn’t always like that. Take the 1984-“85, 1985-’86 and 1986-87 Sundevil football seasons.

“We didn’t’ score a single touchdown in three years that I played on the football team. We would play Del Norte, Farmington, and Gallup and they would give us a ‘recquiada,’ (modern Hispanic slang for a thrashing, beating, or a pummeling), Paul O. Lovato of El Duende, a community on the north side of Hernandez, told Post SPORTS at Dollar General in Hernandez after finding out EVHS had been doling out punishing “mercy rule” wins this season.“

“Our fullback would get the ball on a handoff down the middle and charge the line. He would be met by a bunch of big guys on the other team at the line of scrimmage and carried back about 2O yards,” Lovato remembers.


“Our biggest guy was as big as most of the teams’ kicker,” Lovato  said. Then on the way home, when we’d stop at McDonald’s, everybody would get off the bus walking all “ladiados” (walking while leaning to one side due to pain) and didn’t have an appetite,” Lovato said. He also recounted how they would get drubbings of 76-O,  66 –O,  58-O and never lost 14-O or 7-O. He also remembered how the coaches then would say how they showed the other team and encouraging words like that. 

Lovato said that Sundevil football teams that followed after he graduated didn’t fare much better until the arrival in the late 80’s of Coach David Church, who was the light at the end of tunnel for Sundevil Football.

Former Sundevil football player, Paul Lovato asked the Post SPORTS reporter to be sure and tell the football team that they are “…doing a great job. That coach Medina knows what he’s doing, for sure. Take it from me, the “recquiadas” are not fun in football,” he said and then joined his family in the store.