Sundevils Gallop Over “Gallup”

Sundevils thank fans who travelled to Gallup following the game. Courtesy image

Sundevils Gallop Over “Gallup”

Close Early But EVHS Fires Up Generators In The Second Half, Defense Holds

FINAL :    EVHS Sundevils – 42     Gallup Bengals – 22

By Robert A. Naranjo

GALLUP – The lightning and thunder came in the second Half of the Sundevils football game in Gallup, and when it did, it came like a blinding light. Gallup did not expect the flash of light and the boom of Sundevil  defense thunder, likely thinking they themselves could go ahead in the second Half after only a TD and a two point conversion separated them at the midway point and win it at home even though it is certain they heard the Sundevils were mowing down their competition.

Some Questionable Penalties Hindered But Didn’t Stop Sundevils

The Sundevils were plagued by penalties in the first Half racking up some 7O penalty yards, but the penalties, some questionable, may have hindered but did not stop the EVHS touchdown generating power plant. The penalties did, however, make the game appear closer than it was during the first Half.

The Sundevils struck first with an interception by Sundevil QB, Marcos Flores, playing defense early in the first Quarter. Moments later, Flores fires one of his patented lightning bolt passes to Tommy Trujillo.  The Sundevils later scored another TD and got the two-point conversion.  Gallup answered and it was 14-14. Before the Half ended, it was QB Flores on the keeper and no flag thrown, making it 2O-14, Espanola Valley. Tommy Trujillo got the two-point conversion, giving the Sundevils a 22-14 lead at the Half. The Bengals could maybe tell that a lightning and thunderstorm was about to hit Gallup.

QB Marcos Flores Shares The Glory Wealth

Once the first flash of Sundevil football lightning and thunder gave way to the hail storm, the game got away from Gallup at the speed of light and turned a fairly close football game, relatively speaking, wide open.  During that ‘Devil of a storm, the Sundevils went on a 2O-O run and bounced from 22 halftime to 42 points leaving Gallup at 14 before a late score by the Bengals gave them 22 to end the game. 

KDCE Radio Sports bringing the game live with Richard “RG” Garcia, play-by-play and Rudy “Big Rud” Sisneros, color commentary, discussed on-the-air how unselfish EVHS QB Marcos Flores is. He wants to see his teammates share in the glory. They also mentioned how good he is at the safety position and, of course, his QB trademark tool, the option, not to mention the lightning bolt passes. Notice how the Sundevils are scoring more passing TD’s, lately. There were three against Wingate, and two prior to that in the Pojoaque game.

“Devil Defense Holding Inside The Ten”

“RG” and “Big Rud” were impressed with the Sundevil defense and said so because, who is a threat and who 3 or 4 times inside the 1O preventing a Bengal score and took over on downs.  The power plant in the game, also known as the Sundevil defense, continues to generate extra energy after turning out the opponents lights, and is still is getting a good price from Jemez Mountains Electric Co-op for the extra energy sold to them.  The Smart Meter could hardly keep up with the Sundevil Defense.

Gallup did score 22 against the Sundevil defense and that’s a good score, generally speaking, unless the opponent nearly doubles it. However, 22 points is the most allowed by the Sundevils this year in a game.  Add the 22 to the 12 El Paso Cathedral scored and divided by 5 games played and it’s less that 7 points per game average. That’s got to be another record for Athletic Director Eric Vigil to confirm.  Definitely a 5-O start is a new record with possibly the 4-1 start last year was all time best before this season. The Sundevil football records seemingly all are on the chopping block. There are a few left but will be mentioned only as they fall as not to jinx the 5O,OOO watt Sundevils, who may have begun to ramp it up to 1OO,OOO watts of Sundevil power.

Next game up is on Oct. 2, at 7 pm at the EVHS Sundevils Stadium. Coach Medina, his assistants, cheerleaders and YOUR Española Valley High School Sundevils have at least an “even money” chance to go, an unheard of, 6-O, on the season. An attendance record, set against Pojoaque, earlier this season, is likely going to fall again as the Daily Valley Post’s Post GAME Post SPORTS predicts that there will be between 1,6OO and 2,OOO Sundevil football fans at the game. Of course, some fans will be there to cheer and some to jeer!

Sundevils by 38.