Students Build Authentic Mini Adobe House

Sadie Martinez’s third grade class at James H Rodriguez Elementary posing with their adobe house. VDP image

Students Build Authentic Mini Adobe House

ESPAÑOLA  – The third grade class taught by Sadie Martinez at James H Rodriguez Elementary recently completed an intensive ten week project that incorporated a variety of educational standards including social studies, math, language arts, science and art to build a miniature but authentic adobe house.

The project, based loosely off a literature book titled “My Grandmother’s Adobe House” by Mary Lou Smith had the students researching how adobe houses are made, how to make furniture and upholstery and then doing it.

Students elected one of their own, Gerome Romero as Project Foreman and assigned specific duties to each other.  With the help of family members the students build or made everything that went into the house, with the exception of the tile floor. Braydon Trujillo’s grandfather helped them make a miniature adobe mold which the students used to manufacture hundreds of small adobe bricks.

The students then used the brick and mud mortar to build an authentic adobe house. Noah Velasquez’s grandfather also helped them built period appropriate furniture to go in the house and Raquel Suazo sewed upholstery to go on the furniture.

The Española  City Council will be honoring the students for this accomplishment at Tuesday’s upcoming City Council meeting.

See below for more images of the house.

Interior shot of the house. VDP image