State Threatens To Oust EPS Superintendent

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State Threatens To Oust EPS Superintendent

Staff Report

A letter dated Feb 2, 2017 from Hanna Skandera, New Mexico Secretary of  the Public Education Department (PED) was received Monday by Espanola Schools Superintendent Eric Martinez detailing how PED believes Espanola Schools, and Martinez in particular have not yet addressed a number of the concerns that they listed when they took over the District’s financials in mid November.  The result being that PED is again threatening to remove Superintendent Martinez from the position he has held since May 2016 and install a state executive to run the Espanola schools.

PED’s Secretary Skandera detailed that she believes Martinez has yet to address what she called the failure to adhere to state regulations over a number of district practices. These deficiencies include a lack of sufficient oversight of finances, failure to fill certified teachers positions with actual teachers rather than long-term substitutes, failure to maintain a safe school environment and failure to background check employees and substitute teachers and other issues.

PED is giving Martinez and Espanola schools until sometime in March to address these concerns, or else the state says they may suspend Martinez’s administrative license, remove him from his position with Espanola schools and take over all management of the district.

This is one of the challenges the newly elected school board will face when they meet for their first post election meeting on Feb. 15.