Somos Amigos Improving Lives In The Valley

Somos Amigos has been working on this Medenales for the past few weeks. Courtesy photo

Somos Amigos Improving Lives In The Valley

Staff Report

Many low-income homeowners in Rio Arriba and Los Alamos counties do not have the resources – financial or skills – to make even minor repairs to their homes. Somos Amigos of Northern New Mexico (Somos Amigos) is a young non-profit organization That was formed with the mission to bring the people of Northern New Mexico together to improve the health, safety and security of low-income home homeowners through minor home repairs.

Somos Amigos carefully screen homeowners to identify homeowners who have a need but lack the resources to make the needed repairs. Work days are arranged and volunteers recruited and supervised by a staff member. 

Over the last few weeks, Somos Amigos has been working on a ramp project, largely supported and funded by Zia Credit Union, to build a ramp and home improvements for an elderly man who lives in Medenales. See below for more images of this project.

Volunteers from Zia Credit Union help to install a ramp at this Medenales home. Courtesy photo

Somos Amigos is resuming their work on Saturday to add a handrail, but there are other upcoming projects and Somos Amigos is looking for more people and groups can join them on helping valley residents in need. For more information contact David Canfield, Construction Supervisor for Somos Amigos of Northern New Mexico at (505) 901-7553.

Volunteers mixing cement for the new ramp. Courtesy photo

About Somos Amigos
Amigos of Northern New Mexico (Somos Amigos) is in the process of becoming a standalone nonprofit in Northern New Mexico. For three years, from 2010 to 2013, the principal parties operated Building Kindness as a program of Habitat for Humanity of Espanola Valley / Los Alamos (HHEVLA). When that partnership ended, the advisory committee decided that there was enough need for low-income home repairs to continue operating and began the process to operate as a standalone organization.