Social Distancing Measures Continue To Be Implemented At Santa Fe County


SANTA FE, NM – Effective immediately Santa Fe County will be taking the following measures to increase social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Santa Fe County.

  1. The Stanley Cyclone Center located in Stanley, New Mexico will be closed and will not be holding public events until further notice.
  2. The Pojoaque baseball fields will be closed and all scheduled events will be cancelled until further notice.
  3. The Santa Fe County Fairgrounds will be closed to the public.
  4. The Santa Fe County Community Services Department, DWI Program, will no longer be holding face to face meetings with clients. Compliance monitoring staff will be holding electronic meetings with clients and will continue service to the public.
  5. Santa Fe County will be limiting public traffic in our administrative building located at 100 Catron Street. We are asking that all members of the public access the building through the front entrance near the parking lot.  Offices located in the building include the Community Services Department, Growth Management, the County Assessor, the County Clerk, the Probate Judge, and the Office of the County Treasurer.   Patrons will be assisted and redirected as appropriate by County staff.  We are reminding the public to please conduct business with the County electronically whenever possible.
  6. The County will be installing secure drop boxes at our administrative building located at 100 Catron. Members of the public will be encouraged to use the drop boxes in lieu of working directly with county staff.

Santa Fe County continues to monitor the situation and will inform both staff and the public as this crisis evolves.