Si Abiquiu Presents Talk On Old Spanish Trail

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Si Abiquiu Presents Talk On Old Spanish Trail

Si Abiquiu hosts Salida del Sol Chapter, Old Spanish Trail by Pat Kuhlhoff, part of the organization’s Abiquiu Talk series. The event is at 6 p.m. Nov. 15 at #2 County Road 187 (former Rising Moon Gallery). Find more information and register.

Did you know that Abiquiu was once a thriving trade center? Kuhlhoff discusses the history of the Old Spanish Trail and the important role that Abiquiu and its residents, played in trade along the Old Spanish Trail. The Old Spanish Trail has been called the most arduous and difficult trail in the United States. With Native American historical roots, the trail was used by the adventurous and opportunists bringing textiles from Santa Fe to trade for mules and horses in Los Angeles beginning in the early 1800s. Spanning more than 2500 miles, parts of the trail were used by fur trappers and later by railroad and military surveyors.
Si Abiquiu also hosts the First Annual Abiquiu Holiday Artisians’ Mercado, featuring artwork and handmade and traditional arts and crafts from November 17 – December 15.   More Information. 

Si Abiquiu is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to providing space for creative expression, room for expanding knowledge and a platform for sharing ideas. Their goal is to promote economic prosperity, increase community engagement and enhance visitor’s experiences by providing educational opportunities that focus on the historical, cultural and natural environment of Abiquiu, New Mexico. They also facilitate events for our community, including the popular Abiquiu Talks  series, for neighbors, residents, youth and visitors. Learn more at