School Grading Report Cards Released 2018

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School Grading Report Cards Released 2018

August 17, 2018–FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez announced today that PED released School Reports Cards earlier this afternoon.

Superintendent Gutierrez said, “Our individual School Grades improved somewhat over last years’ report card grades, with only two schools receiving F’s verses last year’s four schools that received a F.”

In comparison to last year’s school report grades, some schools received higher grades, some received lower grades and some remained the same, but overall the district demonstrated improvement.


According to Superintendent Gutierrez, if the school and the district are in agreement that there may have been a miscalculation in a school’s grade, there is an appeal process. Appeals must be submitted by Friday,

August 31. “In reviewing the school grades and data, we will question the school grade for Alcalde Elementary as they reflect a “D” for the overall school grade, but a “C” in the detailed report. We continue to review each school’s individual data, and will certainly question any other concerns with reporting and data calculations we may discover” said Superintendent Gutierrez.

Chimayo Elementary School is the lone school in EPS to make the letter grade of A this year, improving from a B to an A. This is an increase of three letter grades since 2016, when the school made a D. Janet Malcolm, Head Teacher at the school attributes the increased school grade to the hard work of the teachers. “They worked really hard to ensure higher levels of student engagement and overall achievement.”

Espanola Valley High School maintained its school grade receiving a C. Mr. Robert Archuleta, the school’s principal, said the school is really coming together and talked about the importance of raising its overall achievement and improving the school grades. “Our school recently received a High School Redesign grant, one of 9 in the state, and we’re very excited about this work and our continued focus on school

improvement and overall increased student achievement,” said Mr. Archuleta.

We’re really focused on our data this year said Mrs. Gutierrez said, and we’re asking, “What does our data tell us; what does our data not tell us; what are our celebrations; what are our opportunities for

improvement?” We know we have many opportunities to improve and are going to strive for that in the coming year,” Gutierrez stated.

“I am very proud of our schools that improved their letter grades and will continue to focus on our schools that received a F. The middle school, for example, continued with a school grade of F, and I am very concerned. We did receive a grant to assist us with school improvement and we are hopeful the initiatives associated with the grant, Capturing Kids Hearts and High Schools that Work will assist us with school improvement,” commented Gutierrez.


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