School District Offices Facing Phone Failure

Carlos F. Vigil Middle School is the new home of the school district administration. Valley Daily Post photos

School District Offices Facing Phone Failure

Staff Report

Espanola School District Offices are overseeing the start of the new school year this week but according to several parents, the administration cannot be contacted by telephone.

According to one parent who has been trying to contact the school district since Tuesday, the school administration’s phone number is disconnected and there is no way for the public to call the school district.

The district administration has recently moved their offices from their old administration building to the offices at Carlos F. Vigil Middle School. According to school district employee Eileen Ulibarri, the district has been experiencing trouble in the transfer of their phone lines from the old office space to their new location at the middle school. Community members who dial the district at it’s main line at 753-2254 are hearing a disconnected message. Ulibarri said that Windstream was aware of the problem and trying to correct the issue.

In the meantime parents and community members who need to reach the school district office are advised call the middle school telephone at 753-1348. Although the school cannot transfer calls they will be able to pass a message to the administration office.