Savannah Martinez Pleads Guilty In Cameron Martinez Case

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Images from a memorial ceremony for Cameron Martinez held at Española Valley High School Jan. 10.

Savannah Martinez Pleads Guilty In Cameron Martinez Case

Update from DA Marco Serna.

Savannah Martinez pleaded guilty Friday morning before a courtroom packed with the surviving victims and the family members of the young man who was killed. She entered a plea to a 3rd degree felony Tampering with Evidence charge, admitting her involvement in getting rid of spent shell casings from the shooting.

She has agreed to fully cooperate in bringing the others involved to justice and will provide the New Mexico State Police and the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office with evidence related to the death of Cameron Martinez and the wounding of the other three young victims. She has agreed to cooperate fully in the investigation and prosecution of the remaining defendants, including the three shooters Mark Hice, Axel Zamarron, and Anton Martinez. She agreed to testify at trial against all of the remaining defendants. She will be released pending these other trials on 24/7 GPS house arrest and is court ordered to have no contact with any of the victims, witnesses or defendants. Her final sentencing will be postponed until all pending cases are resolved.

The District Attorney’s Office has been in constant contact with the victims and their families and they were consulted before this plea agreement was entered.