Satview Cable Cut As JMEC Removes Cable Equipment Off Its Poles


Satview Cable Cut As JMEC Removes Cable Equipment Off Its Poles

By Robert A. Naranjo

Espanola – Earlier this week local residents who rely on Satview for their cable television were suddenly disconnected from cable TV. When customers contacted Satview they were told that Jemez Mountain Electric Cooperative was responsible for removing transmission equipment.

What was not explained to the Satview customers was that an ongoing fee dispute had finally reached a breaking point. According to Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative, the Co-op gave fair warning to Satview to pay up. No payments were made and after more than two years the gloves have come off and so is Satview’s equipment off Jemez Co-op poles.

Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative General Manager, Joseph Sanchez responded to press questions on Tuesday saying “The JMEC’s decision to disable Satview’s system was not capricious and, in fact, should have been long anticipated by Satview’s principals and management.  As is a matter of public record, Satview continues to owe JMEC members in excess of $100,000 for two years’ worth of rent.  After numerous attempts on JMEC’s part to collect this significantly past-due debt, it became clear that JMEC had no other alternative but to disable Satview’s system which, at this point in time and for all intents and purposes, is illegally squatting on JMEC’s property.

Calls to Satview’s two numbers listed seeking comment went unanswered. More on this story as it unfolds.