Santa Rosa de Lima Fiesta


Santa Rosa de Lima Fiesta

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On Aug. 22 the St. Thomas the Apostle Parish will be celebrating its annual Santa Rosa Fiesta in Abiquiu, NM. Read about this special event and history below.

Santa Rosa de Lima Fiesta
Abiquiu, New Mexico
Saturday August 22
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Mass: 10:00 AM
Santa Rosa De Lima Ruins
Procession to the Pueblo of Abiquiu

Free Lunch 12:00 – 1:30
Bingo 1:30 – 4:00

Santa Rosa de Lima

A Step Back in Time

Reprinted with permission

from The Abiquiu Post

image © Carol Bondy

During the summer months, thousands drive by the ruins each day. Few have any clue of the

significance the crumbling adobe walls have registered in time.

Nearly two and a half centuries ago, Santa Rosa de Lima de Abiquiu stood not only as the house of

worship for hundreds of local Spanish Settlers, but it also served as the focal point for civilization in what

is now referred to as northern New Mexico.


struction on the church began in 1737 and was completed in 1750. Up until the turn of the last

century (editor’s note 1900), the building was used for worship services from time to time.

In the early 1800s, as valuable farmland became scarce, many moved to

establish settlements in

communities we now know today as Canones, El Rito and Taos. Up until that time, Abiquiu was a center

of trade and from that point forward, began dwindling as a center of influence.

Who was Santa Rosa?

In 1671 Santa Rosa de Lima

became the first saint from the New World to be canonized. The daughter of

Gaspar de Flores, a conquistador from Puerto Rico, and Maria de Olivia, she was born in Lima, Peru in

1586. Though she was baptized “Isabel,” it was said that she was as beautiful a

s a rose, thus she became

known as Santa Rosa.

While still a child she practiced fasting and penance, and at age 20, joined a lay confraternity. She lived a

secluded life, spending many hours in a hermitage she built as a child in her parent’s garden. Her

e she

tended a profusion of flowers.

She also set up a small infirmary where she nursed destitute children and elderly people. Her efforts laid

the ground work for social work in Peru.

She was credited with saving the people of her country from attacks by pirates and the devastation of


Though her activities attracted the attention of The Inquisition, the investigation found her motivated by

“impulses of grace.”

She died in

1617, having prophesized the exact time of her death. Later she was proclaimed patroness of

Peru, all the Americas, the Indies, and the Phillipines.


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